Written By Kelechi Okorie

IPOB Writers

February 22, 2018 

Fear of Radio Biafra/IPOB is the beginning of wisdom, forces of darkness both within and outside are having nightmare and discomfort. Radio Biafra is tormenting, making them dizzy and unable to pretend their sleepless night anymore, Nigeria Broadcasting Corporation made attempted claimed to had jammed Radio Biafra London, but no avail as gospel of hope, redemption, equal rights and justice are strongly speech to humanity not only on one station but infallible subsidiary both radio and TV stations.
Britain and they are inherited deceptive instinct were exposed by Radio Biafra, her long decades lies, tricks and biases against the land of rising sun are backfiring on them to cover up abet war crime in Biafra land. 

 Unveil Brainwash Broadcasting Channel in Igbo service was well-articulated tricks of an indirect rule used during the colonial era to invade our land. Where warrant myopic chiefs were used during the exercise to penetrate Africa soil, most of our forefathers were made to believe to be inferior while some were induced with worthless incentives today, light brain Igbo speaking Biafrans are gradually been deceived to believe that BBC Igbo service was to balance the equation between BBC Hausa Service, which is total lies from the pit of hell. Perhaps, their interior motive was to use our native lingua franca to complete their everlasting slavery, imperialism hence, it is very easy and accessible using the inner caucus to perfect their indirect devilish plans. Since 1922 BBC unprofessional propaganda, that promote New World Order made intelligent curious Biafrans to ask where were BBC when their voices needed to be heard and the rationale behind BBC Igbo Service after long decade’s media blockage? How come they chose Igbo Service other than Biafra service? The logic behind it is Igbo speaking Biafrans can easily be deceived with mundane earthly materials the way Ohaneze Ndigbo and their partner in crime South East politicians are stumbling blocks against Biafra restoration. 

 BBC never meant well for Biafra, removing of Biafra from World Map is courtesy of BBC was a strategy to erase the conciseness of Biafra from the mind of younger generation besides, none of the documentaries sent to them that vindicated Adolf Hitler (Buhari) of our time on horrendous crimes committed were reported, the most Biafra holocaust in Africa history was swept under the carpet. Britain only interested in protecting Islamic Hausa Fulani, it is on record British government has not supported a Christian nation to acquire independence instead Arab counties. On another way round, Biafra never had a British diplomat since the creation of so-called Nigeria only prefer their perfect house salve from Northern Zoo, anybody suggesting taking advantages of BBC Igbo service is either ignorant of history or agent of darkness. Our people residing in England are imposing heavy taxes such as TV license which is been used to sustain BBC Hausa service over the years then, remains blind eyes on killing of unarm innocent Biafrans protesting legitimately 

Though, Biafrans were encouraged not to boycott the evil station rather sensor their reportage on issues regards to Biafra. Invariably, reporters also charged to be professional, objective than being politically correct. Above all, Biafrans must be ready to face any challenges as always it is also a task to all hardcore to take a slot in Radio Biafra in different languages it will be of help to flush all the political sponsored broadcasting stations including BBC Igbo service.


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