Restructuring: Nnia Nwodo, An Hausa-Fulani Puppet, Is Wasting His Time

Author: Aham Gecentgrace

IPOB writers

Date : Dec.18 ,2017


It is shameful that Nnia Nwodo is imposing the restructuring on people in place of Biafra, a popular choice. Two divergent ideologies that need to be contested in a referendum exercise. If Nnia Nwodo believes he has a superior ideology over Biafra and it will sell through, he would have called for the referendum. Instead of that, he resorted to Imposition, a feature of his feudal lords. He knows he will lose out and lose his relevance when that takes place and Biafra will be restored. This shows that Nnia Nwodo is not even confident in his restructuring ideology.

A man who fails to plan, plans to fail.
I am very sure, the president of Ohaneze Ndigbo has to plan his restructuring ideology and the roadmaps to actualize it. Again, I also believe he does not have the alternative ideology to restructuring, in case, if Nigeria fails to restructure, which is bound to be. Nnia Nwodo is not wise, he should have known that Hausa Fulani can't allow equity, justice and fairness to be enthroned in Nigeria.

What about the "Aburi Accord"? A restructuring formula agreed upon among old Eastern, Nothern and Western regions in Nigeria. It was jettisoned by the same North, and that led to the declaration of the Sovereign State of Biafra which resulted to Biafra war. Nnia fails to understand that Nigeria is working for those who own her and shout one Nigeria. They can't concur with any restructuring attempt that may work against their wish. "Dee John,  you are wasting your time", that is what I have to tell him.  

No tribe loves Nigeria more than the Igbos, yet they are hated with the passion by other tribes. Among the nationalists, none of them loved Nigeria more than Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe,   he even sacrificed his support to his dying kinsmen/Biafrans for one Nigeria. Aguiyi Ironsi and Ojukwu were the architects that aborted Nzeogwu's coup and saved Nigeria from breaking up. Yet, they treated them with disdain. So, Nnia,  that fought on the side of Biafra, does he think he will be spared? He should stop behaving as if he loves Nigeria more than Biafrans. Surely, at the end, after serving Nigeria, he shall come back in disgrace. If he fails to Retrace his steps.



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