Biafra: Nnia Nwodo's Speech, A Clear Display Of Cowardice And Sabotage

Author: Aham Gecentgrace 

 IPOB Writers

Date: Dec.18,2017


The speech of Nnia Nwodo portrays a lot. It shows conspiracy playing out in the open. Recently, the Arewa youth leader, Shettima, called for more harder approach on IPOB, he said that proscribing the group was not enough. It emboldened the IPOB enemies the more. Nnia Nwodo is on a task accomplishing a mission. But it won't stop Biafraexit from coming

Nnia Nwodo must bury his head in shame. people of his calibre in other regions have never for once condemned the agitations of their people. Yoruba leaders have never condemned OPC, South-South have never worked against Niger Delta freedom fighters. Boko Haram is funded by northern politicians and they Never wanted to stop them. Burutai said,  'politicians are in positions to stop them'. Disgracefully, Nnia Nwodo shows he is weak, puppet, lacks courage and a sellout.

However, John Nwodo said he is the father of the Biafra youths that came protesting when he was delivering his speech. It's amusing that he didn't understand, that his naked dance according to the rhythmical beat of his pay Masters was unbearable. That was the reason their protesting emerged. 

I want to bring to Ohaneze's notice that a million likes of Nnia Nwodo in that their forum can't stop Biafra from coming. It's a matter of time. The lizard that nods its head does so not out of confusion but bids its time.

A man who stands between the freedom of his people and their oppressors and vowed in the open to work against his peoples' freedom, should be regarded as a high profile naked dancing saboteurs.

Nnia John Nwodo, is a disappointment to the Igbo nation.

Igbo - Biafrans don't dance unclad in the public. Let him retrace his steps.



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