BIAFRA REFERENDUM: Nnia Nwodo And The Pretence Of An Ashamed Elder.

Author :CK Fidelis 

 IPOB Writer

Date :Dec.18,2017


 Is it not an ethnic embarrassment to have in our midst as Biafrans, a man born to always play the second fiddle, a man noted for his unprecedented appetite for peanuts and bananas, a man devoid of even the least blink of courage and conscience? The most disturbing aspect of this man is that he has refused to take the advice of history and prefers to have his posterity perpetually enslaved in this evil contraption called Nigeria. 

Who is this man that I am referring to, it is no other person than John Nnia Nwodo as they call him, the president general of the irrelevant Ohaneze Ndi Igbo social club, who coincidentally happens to be an Igbo man (although there is still need to scrutinise his Igbo origin because chances are good that he may have had mixed blood, somewhere along the line something Fulani may have occurred in his lineage, I seriously suspect this fact). This man has now openly declared his role as a saboteur in the Biafra Restoration Project but when IPOB was telling the whole Igbos that this man was one of the traitors, most people did not regard it as true.

The president general of Ohaneze Ndi Igbo, John Nnia Nwodo, organized a sort of Igbo conference in Lagos on the 14th of December 2017 with the purported intent of discussing the restructuring of Nigeria as opposed to total detachment of Biafra from the zoological republic of Nigeria as being propagated by Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB. The question I ask now is this, why did this man choose to organize this kind of all-important gathering of Igbos outside Igboland? To me, this is an explicit display of his lack of popularity among the Igbos because he knows that nobody will give him the audience so it is better to use a venue where it would be easy for him to use borrowed crowd. The AREWAS and the ODUDUWAS normally call for such meetings to discuss issues pertaining to their collective interests but had not had such meetings outside their ethnic domains. Was it not in this same Lagos that the Oba of Lagos threatened to throw Igbos into the lagoons? Why then should Nnia Nwodo go to Lagos for this kind of very important gathering of his people?
Anyway, it will not be proper to dwell so much on the choice of venue, let us look at some salient issues that cropped up in that event. The first issue remains the campaign for the restructuring of Nigeria as spearheaded by Nnia Nwodo and his cohorts. This man actually needs some kind of disillusionment or rather, better put, a rehabilitation of his mind because I find it very foolish to continue to tell the Northerners to restructure the country without first of all making it clear to them what you mean by restructuring. The Northerners have made it quite clear that anything that will affect the Northern interest is not acceptable and my question is this, what kind of restructuring is Nwodo talking about, the one that will not affect the Northern interest, or what? Then, if that is the case, how can he justify his campaign? Obviously I must say that all this noise now is just to pretend as if he was serious with the issue of restructuring, as if the sole essence of his campaign is not to sabotage the efforts of Nnamdi Kanu to restore Biafra, as if he doesn’t know that the North cannot allow restructuring of this country in the proper sense of it. This man knows the truth that the North does not want restructuring as much as they do not want to let Biafra go. 
Another thing that attracted my attention was the statement credited to him as saying that he fought the civil war and that his worst experience was that he lost his close friend, I paused a while to look at this his claim and was only able to see a man that actually was fighting against Ojukwu then, he was never gallant if he actually fought the Biafran war because we have heard the voices of many gallant Biafra veterans and war lords and at a glance you would differentiate between the two; the likes of General Achuzie speak like lions while those who actually betrayed Ojukwu will always spill discouragement and treachery. I am sure that when you trace his success carefully you might be surprised at seeing that it started with the money he made from selling Biafra out during the war - this man did not start today at all. 
It was also credited to him as saying that he will strongly sabotage any war with respect to Biafra restoration but this man has never criticised any of those wars against the Igbos in the North, so as long as it is not to restore Biafra the war can go on and on and our people can always be killed - it doesn’t matter. 
At this point I like to make it abundantly clear that Nnia Nwodo has not made any new threat, he has only confirmed his illicit activities all these while, otherwise, how could he make reference to war here? Has Nnamdi Kanu or IPOB called for war? Has the call for referendum become a call for war? So why was he talking about war? Every right-thinking person knows that Nnia Nwodo and his evil group do not want Biafra restored because they know that they can never be relevant in any way if Biafra comes so they prefer Nigeria where at least they will continue to lick the asses of their slave masters in the North at the expense of their people.


  A thousand Nnia Nwodo cannot stop the restoration of Biafra. This is made clear in the military invasion of the palace of Eze Isreal Kanu in Afaraukwu, where over 30 members of IPOB were killed, over 60 got missing including the leader of IPOB Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his parents, all were abducted with no leads to their location. 

It is my belief that Nnia Nwodo would have assured the federal government that once they do this(militarize Kanu's residence ) and proscribe IPOB, everything about the struggle will fizzle out but they did it and the struggle has been, more than ever before, strengthened and here comes the Biafra referendum in 2018. Is this not unbelievable?

•    Biafra will be restored without war but even if there is war, He will not live to sabotage it because he is a well-known saboteur and as such would never have a place here in the first place. If I were him I would rather close my mouth like others who have sense, and have decided to shut up their mouths.

•    Nnia Nwodo should just let us know what he has said with respect to the killings of our people by the Fulani herdsmen and the Nigerian army. Which other war would be more than those attacks? How many times has he condemned the killings of the Igbos? Did he not hear that the Sultan of Sokoto was mad at the reprisal killing of Fulani herdsmen by the Adamawa people? Does he not know that even the federal government had to deploy the air force jets to kill civilians fighting herdsmen in self-defence? Did Nnia Nwodo not hear that Buhari told the World Bank to concentrate on the North in their developmental projects?

•    A leader should always do the wish of his people or quit office if he doesn’t like their wish. That is the reason David Cameron had to quit because his people said they wanted to leave EU but he personally did not want to leave EU, so he had to quit so as to let the people have their wish. Why does Nnia Nwodo want the Biafrans to accept his sycophancy as against the restoration of Biafra which is the popular wish of the people? Why must a few unaccepted political jobbers decide for the millions of Biafran people? The Biafrans want freedom and NniaNwodo said no that they must remain slaves. This is really shameful and it will be most shameful if we all let that happen.


•    NniaNwodo is not interested in the welfare of the masses, he is only interested in the carrying out of the assignment to extinguish the call for Biafra freedom, this is a very big contract awarded to him by the Hausa-Fulani and the federal government. And the money paid to him is for him and his family to the detriment of the poor suffering Biafrans.

•    The reason Nnia Nwodo is calling for this useless conference now is to make it look as if he has not surrendered to the Northern wish of NO RESTRUCTURING. He had actually forgotten the restructuring campaign but because this same IPOB, the people’s mouthpiece has started asking questions on why the people clamouring for restructuring should all back out as soon as they saw that Nnamdi Kanu was abducted and IPOB proscribed, he suddenly became ashamed of himself and decided to do as if he is still calling for restructuring and that is just the reason he organized the fruitless conference of 14th November, 2017. It was just a pretence of an ashamed elder.

•    It is time for us to stop creating wealth for these evil men because if we resist him and his cohorts, the federal government will not see reasons to give them money again and they will become useless and our freedom will come.

•    Beginning from 1966, through the civil war and till date, millions of people have died because of you and myself so that we will be free forever, so to abandon the quest for the restoration of Biafra will be the worst terror unleashed on the souls of murdered Biafrans. The most stupid mistake and in fact terrible evil we would commit against ourselves is to let Nnia Nwodo succeed in selling out Biafra for a fee paid to him by the federal government.

•    Biafra restoration is at hand, now is just the time to fight tirelessly by doing whatever instructions that come from the IPOB hierarchy of command under Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and surely we shall have Biafra in no distant time.

LONG LIVE Nnamdi Kanu,
Long live UcheMefor, 
Long live IPOB DOS,
Long live IPOB Worldwide and immeasurable 
Shame to Nnia Nwodo and his useless Ohaneze Ndi Oshináma.



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