Thursday 23 November 2017

Biafra: [Press Release] IPOB Raises Alarm, Says DSS Is Breeding Fake Members 

The leadership and family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide wish to draw attention of the entire world, Biafrans, IPOB members, friends of Biafra and lovers of freedom, including those being used by the DSS, that Radio Biafra London which has been broadcasting from inception, is still registered and operates from London and the Director and Deputy Director, remains our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his Deputy Mazi Uche Mefor. Mazi Chika Edoziem is the Head of the Directorate of State (DOS) with responsibility for the day to day administration of IPOB worldwide. Emma Powerful is the Publicity Secretary and spokesperson as such any statements emanating from any other person or group of persons claiming to hold positions in IPOB must be seen and regarded as DSS agents set up to counter the excellent work being done by IPOB.

We advise newspaper editors to note that any leadership structure not in conformity with the one outlined above is not existent. They are fake made up names that don't exist and will never exist. Why would DSS lie to media houses that their radio station is broadcasting from London when in actual fact it's coming from Florida? Don't they know there is an online register of all Shortwave transmissions? If the Buhari government through its security agency the DSS can lie about the true location of their radio station, then it proves that the station is fake and every message coming from it is fake. Newspaper proprietors should be wary not to allow their publications to be willingly vehicles for the peddling of government fake news and propaganda.

We are warning all Biafrans to be vigilant and wary of the new strategy and antics of the Nigerian government and her agencies, especially DSS. They are determined to confuse and deceive the public with fake news from their fake radio station broadcasting from Florida USA. They have managed to recruit a handful of money hungry Igbo traitors and APC members in America who are helping them run this new DSS radio Biafra station on shortwave and FM. DSS tagged their new fake radio station, Radio Biafra, in the hope of confusing Biafrans into believing in their lies against our leadership structure and modus operandi. Only those with difficulty in reasoning or devoid of common sense will allow themselves to be deceived by this cheap subterfuge.

The one and only world-renowned Radio Biafra is still broadcasting from London, whereas this new one set up by DSS and operated by Igbo traitors, is based in Florida USA. Anybody who is associated with this evil plan by the Nigerian Government is working contrary to the interest of Biafra restoration. The worldwide IPOB family has nothing to do with this fraud. We recognize the fact that these shameless antics will never stop and as a matter of fact, we expect them to be intensified in the run-up to our referendum next year. 

The indomitable IPOB family worldwide will soon launch another version of Radio Nigeria on Short Wave in response to this crude, senseless and amateurish antics of DSS. We shall in the coming weeks be launching a new Radio Nigeria service in The Hausa language as a direct response to this move by the Nigerian Government to prove to them that we Biafrans are too intelligent to be taken in by this crude antics of a corrupt drowning APC administration.

We are warning Biafrans to be careful of the people planted in the midst of Biafra agitation by Nigerian Government through their DSS. Some online media houses have also accepted to work for the Buhari government against Biafran restoration in exchange for money. We are aware that Nigerian Government through the DSS have infiltrated and in most cases taken over most pro-Biafra groups so must expect many more fake and fabricated information concerning IPOB family members and Biafra restoration project. The advice is to ignore any information or news from these fake platforms because they are sponsored and owned by DSS and the APC government.

We are advising every Biafran to ignore and disregard every information coming from any other radio station claiming they are working for Biafra unless it's Radio Biafra London. What DSS is doing, with the help of some media houses and traitors, is to create an atmosphere of confusion and uncertainty, given the absence of our kidnapped leader. Many fakers online and terrestrial radio stations peddling fake news about Biafra independence and IPOB leadership are coming so Biafrans must be prepared to dismantle them with truth, facts and figures.

It's a pity that the Nigerian Government could descend so low by establishing fake radio stations to tackle Biafra restoration project because IPOB has defeated them in every aspect both home and abroad. Friends of Biafra, men and women of good goodwill, lovers of freedom must disregard any fake information peddling by this DSS radio station broadcasting from Florida yet claiming to be Radio Biafra transmitting from London. IPOB/Radio Biafra will continue to expose the childish pranks of the Nigerian Government and their agents against the Biafra restoration project.

No amount of bribery, financial inducement, a promise of political positions, a creation of a phantom leadership for IPOB or fake radio Biafra stations will dent our resolve or impede our march towards extricating Biafra from the Luggardian contraption called Nigeria.



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