Sunday 26 Nov 2017

Biafra: Era Of Political Madness As Political Parties In Nigeria Jettison Their Manifesto And Unite Against IPOB

Before now, when an election is over, the political parties in Nigeria will try to ascertain the level of masses compliance and how the election was contested.

The just-concluded fraudulent election in Anambra is yet to witness any opposition party complaining or questioning INEC where they got the padded figures released on 19th Nov 2017.

It is crystal clear that the only current opposition group in Nigeria is IPOB. Buhari government has set a bad precedent for others to follow.

Going by what happened in Anambra state, Nigerians has buried Nigeria. It was unfortunate that Buhari's government cannot sustain without lies and padding.

According to Eastern Consultative Assembly, people who voted in Anambra were not up to hundred thousand out of 2.2million registered voters. The group blamed the federal government for the bloated figure and INEC as the willing tool.

Anambra was totally locked down on 18th Nov 2017 by Biafrans. Ninety percent of Anambrarians boycotted the election as was ordered by Indigenous people of Biafra.

International observers were on the ground and shouldn't hesitate to tell the world their unpadded experience in Anambra.

The Nigerian government is very desperate now and can do anything to silence dissent voices. If they can harmonise opposition parties to accept padded figures, then they can try to bribe observers too unless EU, UN, UK and US abstained from every possible inducement. Just like a desperate wife, Nigerian government can romance the devil.

The recent harmonisation of opposition parties in Nigeria wasn't for good of the people, rather fight unarmed IPOB but there's a saying that says “one with God is majority”.

A pregnant woman can cover many things but can't cover nine months pregnancy. Time shall tell, the congregated enemies will disagree on sharing formula and by then the hidden truth will be exposed.

Biafrans has spoken through successful election boycott, Anambra politicians and federal government can go ahead and present more padded figures, after-all they do pad budgets and nothing happens.

Nov 18th Election Boycott was a huge success and we can't stop thanking good people of Anambra for rejecting murderous Nigerian government.

Chinedu Solomon
For IPOB Writers


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