Wednesday 22 November 2017

Biafra: How Willie Obiano Made History As The First 10% Governor

Gov Willie Obiano

The backyard governor of Anambra state, Mr Willie Obiano is the most unpopular governor since the history of democracy.

On 18th Nov 2017, the Indigenous People of Biafra boycotted the illegal electoral process conducted by the fraudulent independent national electoral commission, INEC.

The community members in Anambra state stayed at home followed by the sit-at-home order given by IPOB leadership to boycott the already rigged election. The boycott witnessed a 90% compliance with ‘Ofe Nsala’ being the feast delicacy.

With the successful boycott, Nigerian government instructed the illegal INEC to influence the figures in order to ensure that there was a basis for declaring a winner.

According to INEC, about 2.2 million people registered in Anambra and only 457,000 voted. This record is coming after the results have been doctored.

In the history of Nigeria electoral processes, there hasn't been a free and fair election but Nigerian government is telling the world that Anambra was 100% free and fair. What it means is, the election wasn't contested in the first place.

The lies started with Punch newspaper when they published 2013 picture and tag it 2017 election. When I confronted the Punch on their twitter handle, they changed their caption from “massive turnout” to “low turnout due to IPOB threat”. What a brown envelope journalism?

Sahara Reporters which is also propaganda wing of Nigerian government differed this time around. They acknowledged Anambra election as “very low turnout” and worst since the entrenchment of democracy in Nigeria in 1999.

The unbiased IPOB family writers and other international observers were on the ground monitoring the whole processes. Every evidence proved that Biafrans are resolute, formidable and eager to reclaim Biafra Land through peaceful civil disobedience.

Anambra people have spoken and there is nothing Obiano, Buhari and other killers can do about it. The boycott was a huge success, it was ninety percent accomplished.

The whole world should know that we've unpopular government in Nigeria and precisely in Anambra state. The UN, EU, UK and US observers shouldn't hesitate to tell the world what they saw in Anambra. Obiano is a ten percent governor.

I want to formally congratulate Anambra people for setting the pace, in short, they're pacesetters! This huge success will be replicated all over Biafra Land.

With this boycott, Biafra Referendum is a sure whether the enemy like it or not. We must continue until every stone is turned.

This successful boycott has once again exposed Nigerian media as the worst fake-news newspapers and should be avoided like a plague. Punch newspaper is the Chief propagandist followed by other blogs. Their lies are like a trojan horse. In that note, Biafrans must remain unstained and avoid listening to these fake-news Nigerian media.

Chinedu Solomon
IPOB Writers


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