Tuesday 10 October 2017 // 01:51 PM

Biafra: The Second Invasion Of Nnamdi Kanu's Residence By Nigeria Military

Nnamdi Kanu's house Invaded By Soldiers of the Nigerian military

On the 8th day of October 2017, Sunday, to be precise at the hour of 4:15pm, the Nigerian military arrived at the palace of Eze Israel Kanu, they proceeded straight to the CCTV camera mounted in the front of the compound and destroyed it before they broke the gate to enter, in their heart they did this to cover up their act but little did they know that unseen drone cameras were up there in the sky transmitting the criminal act they were carrying out.

They took plasma TV, bags of rice, laptops, foam, shoes and so many valuables belonging to Nnamdi kanu. This is a pure criminal act .

Above all they arrested a volunteer, Mr Ojukwu by name and forced him to pose with army uniform to look like a militant. Their motive for doing this is yet to be ascertained but this is a call to the whole world to call Nigeria government to order before things get out of hands, when this very act was taking place the unseen drone cameras took notice of this whole incident which was posted in all social media platforms.

The younger brother to the indigenous people of Biafra leader  Prime Emmanuel kanu  confirmed this on his Facebook page.

It's very important and urgent that united nation wade into this issue and stop further attack on the lives and properties of Nnamdi Kanu's family and entire Biafrans because patient has elastic limit.

By prince Chinonso Jacob

For IPOB Writers


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