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Biafra: Exposed: Monkey pox Linked To Nigerian Military Medical Outreach In Biafra Land

Victims Of Monkey Pox

It is no news that Nigerian military has intensified their killing swag. From open massacre to house-to-house abduction and finally in using biological means.

Monkeypox case was first recorded in Agbura community in Ogbia Local Government of Bayelsa State. Formally, it's supposed to be a virus gotten when one comes in contact with affected monkey. But recent findings have suggested otherwise.

The information reaching us now has it that Nigerian military has been fingered in the current Monkeypox outbreak. The findings suggested that the current spread is spearheaded by the Nigerian military medical outreach.

Recall that Nigerian military launched medical outreach after massacring unarmed Biafran youths in Umuahia, Ebonyi and other neighbouring states.

Having failed to eliminate Biafran youths through state sponsored terrorism, the military embarked on easy killing. Injecting the masses with Monkeypox virus.

We should recall that IPOB raised an alarm on orchestrated plans to eliminate Biafrans through insincere medical outreach because it was not clinically done with good intention. How can someone who killed your mother, father, brother and sister offer to give you a medical aid? To live or to die too?

The disease is already in town and spreading, we still advise our people to be far-away from anything Nigerian government offers until Biafra issue is settled. For example; the love of oil, Hausa-fulani can do anything to continue sucking the oil. They want to finish us all and occupy our land with Almajiris.

I must commend Ebonyi people who boycotted Nigerian army medical aid, if not for that gesture their people would have been infected with monkeypox. I'm not a medical doctor but my field doesn't limit me to know what is infection and how it begins.

Whenever you see a Nigerian soldier with a gun or syringe, please runaway. The two weapons perform the same function but in different ways. The former kills with noise while the later kills without noise.

Chinedu Solomon

For IPOB Writers


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