Tuesday 10 October 2017 // 02:08 PM 

Biafra: Nigeria Military Is Our Killer Not Our Healer

 The administration of medical care by the Nigeria military to Eastern region is questionable and suspicious.

 It is never heard of that similar administration of drugs is carried out at Borno state, Adamawa or any Northern part of Nigeria being ravaged by disease and Boko-Haram insurgency.

The secret planned reduction of Biafran population through administration of this deadly drugs by Nigerian army has brought a killer virus to our land called monkey pox.

This evil must be boycotted and stopped because there was no deficiency or outbreak of sych kind of disease in Biafra land until the Nigeria military came with this virus.

 UNICEF and world health organization should please act first by coming to our rescue. And my advice is that Biafrans must boycott that medicals being administered by Nigerian army. See evidence below.

By prince Chinonso Jacob

For IPOB Writers


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  1. Haven't see the secnd invasion unqualified zoo contraption called Nigerian criminal military invaded,you will immediatly condemn Buratai en his bloody men. Buratai en his men are well trained criminal en the highest killer of innocent civilians. Useless Apc illuminate Nigeria led by late chief rapist muhammadu pedophile buhari. Thank God I'm Not a Nigerian


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