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Biafra: Linus Idahosa, An Agent Hired By Nigerian Govt To Challenge Former US Attorney General, Bruce Fein

Linus Idahosa

Bruce Fein was a former Attorney General during the 40th Potus of the United State of America, Ronald Reagan.

This honorable lawyer instituted a case against Nigerian Military, praying the court to do justice to unarmed IPOB members murdered by Nigerian security apparatus. The case is with US District court which has jurisdiction to try human right cases across borders.

It was unfortunate for a drowning government to hire hungry individuals to counter open truth in public domain.

On 2nd October 2017, Linus Idahosa joined TV Host Armstrong Williams where he (Linus) tried to defend the Nigerian government. Linus said that Christians in Nigeria, especially in the southeastern part of the country, are not facing any religious challenges. He said Fulani-herdsmen and army have not killed anyone in the East.

Linus Idahosa is a media consultant from Edo State and current husband to a divorcee, Stephanie Okereke. He has been anti-Biafra all throughout his life. He claimed to be a Christian but all his actions are the antichrist.

Being an in-law to Biafrans doesn't make Linus Idahosa a stakeholder in our affairs. We value our in-laws and also despair those who go against our values and norms. In as much as he was hired by the Nigerian government to do a hatchet job, he shouldn't cross the red line.

Biafra issue is a sensitive one and whosoever that must discuss it should do so with decorum. It must be based on clear facts and not hearsay.

Like in the case Instituted by Bruce Fein, it was based on facts. There are numerous videos and photographs that captured army perpetrating all manner of human rights abuses against Biafrans. It is saner that articulating individuals should support the case than raising a public opinion against the case.

Linus Idahosa has the opportunity to file a countersuit in the US, so why disgracing himself on a TV program?

It is only a dark mind that will keep calm after watching how Nigerian soldiers murdered Biafrans. Those videos can irritate digestive system to stop functioning for more than two days.

The federal government of Nigeria should go and hire good lawyers because this case is in the hands of a powerful learned attorney. One thing about Bruce Fein is he doesn't lose his cases. He doesn't Institute a case without gathering much evidence, Nigerian Army Chief, Buratai and his murderous soldiers must occupy a room in Hague whether they like it or not.

Finally, I want to warn non-Biafrans to desist from being a tool to lie against God's children. Biafra must come and we may forgive you but can't forget your respective roles.

Chinedu Solomon

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  2. It is absolutely doubtful that Nigerian has a learned lawyer rather Nigeria has Sharia Lawyer trained by Osinbajo, the man with extreme communication difficulties and Mr. Sagay. the man with extra mouth. Nigeria should desist from lying and produce the corpse of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.


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