Most Read: The Significance of Biafra.. 11th Nov 1968
His Excellence Dim Odumegwu Chiukwuemeka Ojukwu

I see Biafra as the crystallization of the black man's search for identity and recognition.

I see Biafra as the starting point of the black man's march to his rightful place under the sun-his march to his destiny. His march to a tomorrow of promise, progress, and equal opportunity.

I see Biafra as a symbol of black resistance in a world dominated by narrow national selfish interest and inhumanity.

I see Biafra as a bastion of the free in an age in which freedom and self-determination are conditioned by the color of the skin.

I see Biafra as a challenge to the color myths of the centuries which relegate the black man to the role of serf without brains, without pride, without dignity.

I would even go further to say that for the acceptance of the black race, there must be Biafra. Without Biafra the black man cannot establish as fully equal with other men. The black man must be able to point to a social organization which stands equally as erect as others. Possibly, it might not be this Biafra. If Biafra is stifled, then in twenty years another will emerge.

Col Odumegwu Ojukwu's Interview with Charles Kenyatta American leader Umuahia November 11, 1968


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