Friday 13 October 2917 // 04:55 PM

Alleged Importation Of Double Barrel Rifles By IPOB From Turkey - A Show Of Frustration By Nigeria Government

By Mazi Edozie,
For IPOB Writers

The frustrated federal government of Nigeria, in its bid to make the world believe that IPOB is a terrorist organization, has accused IPOB of being the importer of the double barrel rifles intercepted by Nigerian Customs Service at the tin can port.

The minister of defence, Mansur Dan Ali, made the allegation in an interview on Channels TV  on Thursday, October 12. He said that IPOB imported the rifles from Turkey in order to fight the Nigerian government, and erupt confusion in the country.

Also, Abia state commissioner of police, Anthony Obizi, has said that the combined military raid of Nnamdi Kanu's home residence on the 8th of October, which is the second raid of Kanu's residence, was as a result of intelligence report that dangerous weapons were in his compound, hence they found lethal weapons, including petrol bombs and one double-barrel gun, in the compound.

I want to posit that these allegations are clear display of frustration by the  drowning federal government of Nigeria in its efforts to substantiate its position and declaration on IPOB.

It is very ridiculous for the Nigerian givernment to state that IPOB, in this 21st century, is importing ordinary double barrel rifles as weapons to fight the federal government.

The government would have used more deadly weapons, maybe  weapons of mass destruction in its rhetorics. At least Biological, Chemical and Nuclear weapons would have drawn the attention of the international community to this ridicule the Nigerian government represents. Nigeria with this shameful display of daftness has become a laughingstock amongt the comity of nations.

Let me teach the Nigerian government common sense. If IPOB decides to import arms, it will not follow tin can port in Lagos. It is only an irredeemable fool that would follow such known militarized Nigerian ports to bring in weaponry against the government.

If IPOB were interested in war, it would  smuggle its weaponry into Nigeria from the porous borders of Nigeria. I don't need tell you one.

For the weapons allegedly recovered from Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's home, again, common sense tells that no such weapon could have been left in the compound after the first military raid, had it been the compound were storage/concealing centre for IPOB weaponry if they had any. Such weapons if they existed would have been carted away to a safer location.

So if such weapons were recovered at the residence, they must have been planted by the same soldiers on the Python Dance. But such easy to disprove trick is, indeed, a ridiculous attempt in proving that IPOB is a terrorist organization.

The Nigerian government in its attempt to prove that IPOB is a terrorist organization, should look for more convincing concoctions to sell to gullible people because these two attempts are so weak that they can't convince ordinary illiterates let alone graduates.



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