Friday 13 October 2017 // 05:05 PM

Biafra: Breaking: Bayelsa Students On The Run As Soldiers Invade Schools Injecting Killer Vaccine From Pakistan

‘Operation Crocodile Smile II’ started today in south-south geopolitical zone. The Nigerian military once again invaded schools to administer unnamed killer vaccine to Ijaw children. 

In a confirmed video generating traffic on the Internet, the parents of the school children rushed to various schools to pick up their children for having been informed of the danger of the so-called vaccine. 

Bayelsa is a state I have stayed for longer time and can recognise the terrain of the state. The students were seen running for their lives in swampy environment. 

Python and Crocodile exercises by Nigerian military are not funny. Something is very fishy, how can these soldiers ignore the northern part of Nigeria that needed the vaccine so much and decided to terrorise Biafran land. 

Their mission seems to be moving unsuccessful, IPOB has exposed the terrorist Army for whom they are. Biafrans now suspect every of their move. 

The Nigerian military should pack their luggage and leave Biafra land, we can afford to take care of our health. Enemy who killed mothers and fathers can not spare the children. 

It is on record that the vaccine administered by Nigerian Military during ‘Operation Crocodile Smile 1’ was the real cause of Monkeypox in Bayelsa where the virus started and the same military returned back to finish the job. 

There is fire on the mountain. Why are Soldiers not making a public enlightenment before embarking on such programme? The ulterior motive of this military has hit a rock. 

The World Health Organisation should as a matter of urgency investigate this killer vaccine and tell the world what is happening in Biafra land. Vaccine is something that must be done with utmost care and shouldn't be a boot job. 

Health is wealth, Bayelsa State governor shouldn't be Obiano the second. He should be proactive to respond to occasion like this, when invaders have changed gear. 

We'll monitor Bayelsa case strictly, I have put calls across to friends residing there currently and will report the details later in the day. 

Chinedu Solomon
For IPOB Writers


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