Saturday 14 October 2017 // 03:37PM

Biafra: The Risible Desperation Of Nigeria And The Option Left In A Growing World

Written By Alex C. Okeke,
For IPOB writers

The World must continue to go through series of evolutionary trends both in natural cum cosmological sequences or order and in existing human ideological orientation. Nations are quickly adjusting their priorities, scale of preferences, laws, ethics, ideological background, political culture, Worldview, education (Medicine and technology and human sciences), International cum diplomatic overview. And building structures that presumably will most definitely appropriate into the adventing or expected World evolution.

Gone are the  Years when Nations and states or countries were ruled by Empires (Roman Empire and others) and other stronger Empires transversing bounderies and conquering as much weaker Empires as they could for expansionist interests. The larger Empires in their discretion abolished the existing laws of such conquered weaker Empires, forcibly enforcing laws made in the larger Empires on the smaller Empires with no regard to the cultural and traditional attachment such abolished laws had on the lifestyles and historical background of such a people.

Armies were constituted, economy forced and enforced, social norms suspended, religious etiquettes suspended, traditional institutions abused and desecrated. Diplomatic chains are also not left as former Allies may find no suitable grounds for the invocation of already established and afore-existing diplomatic charter or agreement. All these Anti-human means of power acquisition and episodic expansionist approaches soon gave way to alternative political era.

A new era of political cum social-economic evolution soon emerged, creating the platform for diplomacy, dialogue and mutual consensus as the most acceptable standards for a new and better World, where nations dialogue instead of war, where nations apply diplomacy instead of brute, where Nations invoke the practice of billateral negotiations and consensus building instead of forced annexations and use of overriding power of superior and brutal military force in containing dis-affections or discontentment from perceived global citizens.

In Nigeria, the options of use of force, intimidation, maiming, general massacre, blockade, emasculation of means of economic growth, deliberate restrictions on political participation by against all political reformers, malaise, ethnocentric partiality, campaign of calumny, unprovoked prejudices, deliberate deprivations, proscription of peaceful and legitimate freedom fighting organized civilian population, sabotage, bribery, deliberate criminalization of legitimate means of life for perceived campaigners for total revisiting cum reformation or rearrangement of existing political system et Al has remained an approved alternative.

Why must Nigeria choose to continue to suppress voices that support the Freedom of Biafra from Nigeria instead of calling the campaigners and supporters to a round table and dialogue on the already established discontent, make reparations for damages and yield to the call for Biafra by laying support to the call for a #Referendum, which in all its clamour has the signature support of both Nigeria, the largest detractor to this noble course, of course as state-party to the UNITED NATIONS CHARTER ON the rights of all Worlds indigenous people and her closest Ally and accomplice.

Why must Nigeria prefer her sustained choice of bribing life out of all the known and vocal elders of Biafra, especially known members and hierarchies of "OHANAEZE NDI-IGBO" and political gladiators from Biafraland????Instead of channelling those resources into the funding for a referendum, which will earn Nigeria global respect.

Why does Nigeria choose to employ cyber-warriors whose activities over the period have only further exacerbated the delicate situation of the current agitation than bringing about the unfortunately expected calm and detraction of the campaigners for freedom??? Failure to understand the management of social conflict resolution and settlement of grievances will ( if the best and only alternative which is dialogue is not expediently employed) plunge Nigeria into a state of irredeemable debt and most dissipating extinction.

The current resort to laughable, unsuitable, unsubstantiated, unnatural, ridiculous, appalling, abyssmally poor use of propaganda against the quest for Biafra by labelling campaigners with such frivolous names as "Terrorists" and the latest accusations of importing Double-barreled Guns from Turkey will only continue to reduce the smallest iota of respect left for Nigeria before the comitty of Nations.This is because no Nation in her right senses will accept the despicable tagging of ubiquitously acclaimed peaceful freedom fighting Indigenous population with such unsubstantiated names as "Terrorists".

Times are changing, evolution must continue and political Reformation must as well continue. Instead of work to relinquish the growth of political evolution (an Impossibility) as no human has the capacity to. Nigeria must wake up from living in the 9th Century and embrace the only option left which is adjustment to grow with the ever growing World by ALLOWING A REFERENDUM whereupon Biafrans shall peacefully establish their God-given right in deciding their political future instead of the stooping into violence, which appears to be Nigeria's most regrettable option if things are not put rightly.

No Nation has ever emerged from a second civil-war ever successful again. A stitch in time they say "saves nine".


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