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18th Nov 2017: The Day Of High BP For Ohaneze, Obiano & Other Political Jobbers

18th November 2017 is Ofe Nsala Day, No Voting in Anambra State

The gubernatorial election for Anambra state coming up on 18th Nov 2017 will be interesting in the history of Biafra restoration. Anambra people have vowed not to vote-in the murderer of our time, Governor Willie Obiano.

Before I continue, I would like to solicit for mobile hospital support, I would also like to plead with Red Cross to be in strategic positions on 18th Nov to save our politicians from high BP.

The governor Willie Obiano may need the services of Intensive Care Unit because of the high blood pressure that will emanate from shock of the century. All his sycophants will desert him.

In the case of Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo, their situation will be worst. In short, paramedics should position  very close to their houses because they will also receive shock of the century. Chief Nnia Nwodo and his cronies do not have voters card let alone to vote. To make the matter worse, their children are residing in UK, US and other developed countries. Who then do they think that will vote?

For other Abuja politicians, they won't lose much. Most of them will be in a hotel enjoying their concubines. They may not even know what is happening out there. They have collected their money from Obiano and no refund of money after payment.

Anambra state and other Biafran states will be in total lock-down. The sit-at-home will usher in another phase of Biafra struggle, the outcome will determine the readiness of Biafrans to restore stolen Biafra Nation.

Anambra people are good people and must lead by example. They lead while we follow. The spirit of Ikemba will rest in peace if his kinsmen will obey this common instruction; stay at home, do not vote.

As we campaign for a successful sit-at-home on 18th Nov 2017, we should be arranging paramedics for Obiano, Ohaneze Ndi-Oshi and political jobbers in Biafra land, the high blood pressure will be much and to show them love, emergency medical services will be available.

Chinedu Solomon
For IPOB Writers


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