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Biafra: Nnia Nwodo, The President With No Mandate Communing With Other Vultures In Aso-Rock The Headquarters Of Vultures.

Abuja Errand boys so called Igbo leaders

Written By Alex C. Okeke
 For IPOB Writers

It is very unfortunate that we live today in a World where double standards, hypocrisy, lies, deceit, self-aggrandisement, greed, wickedness, vampirism, despotism, senile-dementia, stupidity, contest for superiority and general mistrust coupled with self-delusion have negatively replaced love, honesty, principles of democracy, loyalty, humility, mercy and tender-heartedness. Money is now more valuable than human life, political appointments same. Hunger to dine with the so-called great and mighty, political relevance and receipts of blood money. Self-preservation which is considered a generational duty of any indigenous people being continuously traded for a pot of rat. If our forebears who came before us were by any calculation as careless as the present crop of so-called elders of today, we would have no history. Our patrimony would be signed-off to invaders, our heritage would have been sold to dogs and we would have been under the occupation of one of the dreadful invaders, currently terrorizing us with the instrument of state police.

We are presently in a very delicate circumstance where our supposed elders and watchers of our city-gate have sold out, masturbating in a very legendary and hypocritically unfortunate height of compromise that if not quickly and seriously checked shall plunge the rest of us into an irredeemable depth of extinction.

In a modern democracy, the voices of the people are considered so sacred that most historians and philosophers, theologians have over the years admitted them of being the voice of the gods. This submission of these school of thinkers is believed to have drawn from the fact that never have any people fared well, who oppose the decision of the masses from time immemorial. Nnia Nwodo and his barrage of bloodsuckers do not in anyway understand the essence of self-preservation and the existential risk we stand, by continuing to harbour the larger risk of cohabiting, despite the arrangement, with a group of people that see nothing good about us.

Buhari the Hausa-Fulani Lord of the slave prison(Nigeria) more than Nnia Nwodo, the illegitimate President of "OHANAEZE NDI-IGBO" and his herd of political misfortunes foisted on the Great people of Biafraland, understands the essence of self-preservation. It is on the premises of his(Buhari's) priority that he gives more attention to the plight of his kits and kins(Hausa-Fulani), no matter what law exists, or whose ox is gored.

Buhari understands the game of self-preservation and protection of patrimony of the Gambaris. When Bokoharam bombs, Buhari calls them misguided brothers, he solicited help and amnesty for them. No matter how many people Fulani herders kill, nothing qualifies them as terrorists and anyone who dares raise the dust over their stream of barbaric carnages stands the risk of facing the highest persecution from the flood of all the men of wood and calibre that constitute the Gambaris political class from the presidency to ward councillors.     

Nnia Nwodo and his fellow Sadducees and deceivers were quicker than anyone else to label the peaceful organized civilian population of the indigenous people of BIAFRA(IPOB) "TERRORISTS" even before the oligarchy (their slave-masters) could do so, prompting the question of who they(Southeast) Political gladiators really represent in the scheme of Nigerian politics.

Nnia Nwodo is simply an opportunist, seeking out the slightest lacuna and opportunity to leverage and enrich his pocket as much as he can. He cherishes whatever his illusionary restructuring would present than what we as a people stand to get by prioritizing self-preservation through the machinery of the sovereign state of Biafra.

Nnia Nwodo in his habitual machinations to derail the campaign for the sovereign state of BIAFRA continues to chant his criminal parlance of no history "RESTRUCTURING" even though he very well understands the benefits we stand to gain as a people, putting our differences aside and pursuing what the largest population of the people choice as the most sacred alternative to the existing order that in its every coloration is and remains a destination reserved of the Gambaris of the Northern Nigeria dynasty.

Nnia Nwodo in the last few months went berserk after the Gambari -dominated Senate won the VOTE on no "RESTRUCTURING" against the fewer proponents from the South when the subject was thrown to the members on the Senate platform for YES or NAY votes. One will continue to wonder where Nnia Nwodo is deriving his strength of illusions from, seeking the existing imbalances and structures of the National assembly where the North accounts for more than half of the members of the Senate and the lower chambers of lawmaking. The North which is a major stakeholder in the Nigeria-project have for the umpteenth time shown bad fate towards any clamor for a change of the existing status-quo and in the most primitive show of madness rejected the most approved NATIONAL CONFAB of the GEJ regime which not only cost the Nation big fortune but also has a massive consensus for the Nation's way forward. Nnia Nwodo has now yet emerged from the abyss to continue his vulturous campaign because his major blockade to the deceit(Mazi Nnamdi Kanu) has been abducted (in their conspiracy) by the Nigerian Army(The licensed terrorist arm of the Nigerian Government) precisely on the 14th of September, 2017.


Nnia Nwodo can not boost of being appointed by the IGBO masses to represent them. He is acting with no mandate from the masses. We challenge Nnia Nwodo to show us a video clip where an election was conducted by anybody, whereupon the IGBO population voted him as a Socio-cultural cum political representative. If Nnia Nwodo does not provide any such clip or documents from hence, I advise Nnia Nwodo to save us the shame of parading himself and his bogus team of criminals as IGBO representatives and quit the frequent use of our name to dupe the criminal masses and thieving government of Buhari and allow us to concentrate and archive Biafra our dream.

Nnia Nwodo told Buhari his need not that of the BIAFRAN people. Whether Buhari promises Nnia Nwodo and his band of criminal fellows heaven here on Earth, we Biafrans are no longer interested in the century-long second Niger bridge, the federal roads and the scanty promises they may have brainwashed few gullible fellows with. Our dream of Biafra republic, where we shall have the privileges to grow an ingenious economy, World standard health system, educational system, sociopolitical arrangement that is organic to our historical background and all what have you. A nation where competitiveness shall prevail. A nation where the security of our lives, kids and Commonwealth shall be made a priority, irrespective of any social prejudices that we currently face for being who God made us be(BIAFRANS) in the abomination called Nigeria(The Zoo).

Nnia Nwodo has the option to back-off from anything that concerns the rest of Biafrans and IGBOS in general upon his return from his "THANK YOU PARTY" in Aso-Rock Abuja for effectively executing Biafrans in Abia state on the 14th of September 2017 in Affara-ukwu Ibeku, in Umuahia Abia state.

To be forewarned is to be fore-armed (Agha akaraka adighi Eric nwa-ngwuro). Thank you Nnia Nwodo for the bloodshed so far. Thank you for the evil roles you championed. Thank you for being too criminally deceptive and THANK YOU FINALLY FOR THE SABOTAGE SO FAR.




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