Friday 13 October 2017 // 04:26 PM

Army Free Vaccination - The Extermination of Biafrans through Biological Warfare

The incidents that occurred simultaneously in different parts of Biafran land can never be forgotten.
 At a period we were still mourning our loved ones massacred by Nigerian military, little did we know that the Nigerian government in collaboration with Anambra state governor, Wilie  Obiano had another deadly plans to kill us more.

On the 11th of October 2017,  our kids were in their various schools to receive their lectures for the day, while parents and guidance have gone for one activity or the other, little did we know that the military have perfected their plans to visit the schools where our children are learning.

To be specific at st Michael's Catholic church the military arrived with their vans, syringes ,guns and bullets, which made little children to run for their life at the sight of the military.

Ever since I was born it is never heard of that soldiers administer drugs to the public and no matter how charitable they want to be, a service of health Workers, nurses and doctors must be involved. Even in civilized countries before an exercise like this must be carried out, it must be announced and will be voluntary. Going to schools to administer drug to a child below 18 years is child abuse on its own. Nigerian government is yet to tell the world the name of this their killer vaccine.

Is there any form of outbreak of disease in Anambra or any part of Biafra land? The answer is NO.

UNICEF, NGOs and medical doctors are very much aware that Northern Nigeria are being ravaged by all manners of communicable diseases and it never occurred to the military to take their killer vaccine down to IDP camps in the north where it is mostly needed.

The most funniest part of it is that Nigeria military have schools in their barracks where their kids attend school. They should carry out such activities there.

The mere fact that Biafran kids ran at the sight of these killers in uniform is evidence that they are not wanted in our land. They know that the killer of their brothers can never be their healers and to the tenth of our generation to come Nigeria military are murderers and terrorist that is exactly how our kids regards Nigerian military.

Obiano is indicted in this crime against his people, and matter the lies and fabrication presented on the television as a press conference it can never dispute the fact that he is a conspirator, murderer and a drunkard.

And as he has connived with Nigeria military to kill us, on 18th of November, we have resolved to stay at home because we won't vote again. And we reject Nigeria government and anything associated with her.

Nigeria government should start packing its  things to leave our region because we abhor everything call Nigeria.

By prince chinonso Jacob
For IPOB Writers


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