Thursday 12 October 2017 // 03:05 PM
Monkeypox: Students In Biafraland On The Run As Soldiers Force Them To Be Injected

Students in Biafra land have taken to their heels as the Nigerian soldiers force injections on them.

The news came that some students had died after receiving such injections from the soldiers, hence, students scrambled for safety at the sight of soldiers in their school today.

The incident - coercive injection exercise - is happening within Biafra territories.

Reliable intelligence had reached IPOB Writers that the Army is using such exercise to reduce the population of Biafrans, hence at gun points, students are lined up to take the injections.

Some students, possibly those with poor immune systems, immediately reacted to the injections and some have reportedly died as a result. But at this time of filing this report, the number of casualties is yet to be ascertained.

Anambra students/pupils

By Mazi Edozie,
For IPOB Writers



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