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BIAFRA: World Powers Must Act Now To Recover Nnamdi Kanu's Body From Nigeria Army

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Leader Of IPOB (MISSING)

 Biafra Nation was in existence before the 1914 devilish and selfish amalgamation done by Fredrick Lugard.       

Before that inhuman amalgamation, the people of the southeast region of this present British contraption called Nigeria(a.k.a zoo) were living well as humans. They moved from place to place, buying and selling, marrying, giving birth and freely practising their religion without fear of being killed.       

The most cherished among the characteristics of the southeast region(Biafra territory) remains the fact that they are peaceful in nature.       
The British government through Lugard amalgamated them forcefully into 'one Nigeria after much resistance by the Biafrans.

This British-made Nigerian union brought trouble to the Old Eastern regions as she's called. The government of the Zoo called Nigeria as established by Lugard to serve the interest of Britain started taking away the natural resources deposited in this region for themselves and for the Hausa-Fulanis, all in the name of the national cake.     

The people complained but instead of finding a solution to their complaint, they(British and Nigerian government) killed them and vowed never to include them in the scheme of things. When the leader of the region became tired of seeing his people's bloodshed on a daily basis, he opted out of the Nigerian enforced union and declared the Biafran state. This led to war because Britain did not want to lose the oil they stole from Biafra land through the Nigeria government.

Over 3 million Biafrans were inhumanly murdered and the survivors were forced back into one-Nigeria, making the declaration of "No Victor, No Vanquished" with promises of Reconciliation, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Biafra.

But the bloodshed, political annihilation of Biafrans, instead of stopping, has continued cumulatively.  

In 1999, a man called Uwazuike renewed the struggle to actualize Biafra, he got the backing of the region, but the Nigeria government led by Obasanjo bribed him after locking him up for almost 2 years.

Then came Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in 2015 whom the world has confirmed to be uncompromising as far as Biafra restoration is concerned. His people(Biafrans) see him as a God-sent prophet to lead his people out of Nigeria into their Land of the Rising Sun - Biafra.  

Recall that the Nigerian government led by General Buhari unjustly arrested him in 2015. He passed away on several occasions in the hands of the murderous DSS but was resuscitated.

Court of competent jurisdiction granted him unconditional bail but the tyrant, Buhari, on national television broadcast told the whole world that he would never obey such order.       

The pressure to free Mazi Kanu became much on Nigeria and Buhari, he then granted him bail through his handpicked Judge Binta Nyako with the most ridiculous and inhuman bail conditions the world has ever known.

Remember that the said bail came after much effort to bribe and intimidate him and make him drop the struggle for Biafra restoration failed.     

Since his release, Mazi Kanu-led IPOB has organized several rallies in many regions in Biafra and the massive crowd showed the general acceptance of his leadership. Efforts made by many agents of the British-led Nigerian government to bribe him were all to no avail. Then they plotted to assassinate him like they did to King Saro Wiwa and others.     But the gods never abandoned their own, he got the revelation and turned down the federal government's sponsored invitation for a meeting. This infuriated them and they sent Buhari's Fulani murderous military men with armoured tanks to assassinate Mazi Kanu.

They killed him and his parents and took away their dead bodies, then proscribed IPOB as a terrorist group.  The barbaric terrorist invasion and killing of Kanu, his parents and IPOB members who voluntarily served as his security, by the Nigeria uncivilised Army has proven to the world that Nigeria is a zoo not governed by the rule of law, hence with no regards to human rights.     

The world is experiencing what I call 'World Unrest' as the IPOB worldwide is carrying serious peaceful protest on daily basis in different parts of the world, even to UN, EU and US High Commission offices.     

Yes, it is obvious that the Nigerian government and its sponsors(Britain) are having problems due to what I call 'the enemies misfire'. Even French and US government refused to accept the proscription and the tagging of the world's most peaceful and populous freedom fighting organisation(IPOB) as a terrorist group.

But the question is: why have UK, US, Israel, France, Russia and other world powers not compelled the Nigerian government and its military to release the dead body of Mazi Kanu and his parents? What is the world organisations such as UN, EU, AU, ECOWAS still waiting for to give Biafrans the needed date for a referendum to decide whether to remain in Nigeria or have a world recognised nation of their own? Are they waiting till Buhari army through their military brutality wipe out Biafrans?       

IPOB is and will remain the world-best most civilized and most populated freedom fighter group of the 21st century.    

The world powers must wake up to its responsibility now and call the Nigerian government to stop the killings of Biafrans, as well as looting of Mazi- Kanu's properties from his house which it bombed through the instrumentality of its untrained army.    

Let the world powers respond if not for anything but the fact that the people of Biafra have been murdered, abused; their daughters and wives raped and dehumanised in Nigeria by the governments of the country.

Biafrans have paid more than dues for freedom, therefore, if the organizations(i.e: UN, EU, AU and ECOWAS) are not unjust, and if the protection of human rights and fundamental freedom remains a priority for them, then they should waste no more time to diplomatically force Nigeria into releasing the body of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his parents; free all IPOB members detained in Nigerian prisons and fix a date for Biafra referendum; sanction Nigeria, prosecute Buhari and his army chief, and free Biafrans.

By Bro Christian Ijeomah,

For IPOB Writers


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