Thursday 12 October 2017 // 03:10 PM

Army's Immunization Exercise In Biafra Land And Their Dehumanization Of Biafran Youths

Nigeria Army illegally injecting Biafra Youths

The Nigerian Army began an immunization exercise in the Southeast but it is mine opinion that the people in need of such medical attention are in the Northeast, not southeast. The army is controlled by the north and charity they say begins at home, hence the Army should have started the exercise from there region.

If they had good intentions, they would have begun from the north because no right thinking Igbo man will have something good to say about the Nigerian army after watching that video of the Nigerian army flogging Igbo youths and forcing them to lie in algae-infested water and drinking from it. It was the height of dehumanization. The popularity of the Nigerian army amongst Igbos after that video went viral must have reduced.

Little wonder, there was panic today across the South East forcing many parents and wards to pick their children from school before the regular school closing hour when they heard free medical services were being offered by the Nigerian army.

Many parents were of the view that people that could mete out such inhuman treatment to unarmed agitating youths are up to anything and thus should never come close to their children. The Buhari-led administration has to embark on serious image redemption in the Southeast.
No one hates free medical services. Everyone is health-conscious and everyone wants to enjoy life to its fullest.
But the Igbo are sceptical about the free medical services because Buhari and the Nigerian army are involved.
When the citizens of a country no longer trust their security agencies/their armed forces, then there is a fundamental problem.

Chukwugozie Emmanuel

IPOB Writers


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