Thursday 12 October 2017 // 02:37PM

Biafra: Governor Willie Obiano Disgraced In Popular Onitsha Markets

Governor Obiano has taken his electioneering campaign to popular markets in Onitsha. Report has it that Obiano is currently touring the whole market in Anambra to woo people to vote for him in upcoming Anambra gubernatorial election.

He visited the popular main markets and was seen with heavy security. The security following the self-acclaimed “man of the people” almost surpass the population of the market. Nigerian military forces and police surrounded him like a man who has committed abominable act and consequently running away from anger of his kinsmen.

The movie that always play out whenever he visits those markets is tragic. In one occasion, he was expecting people to cheer him up but he was disappointed. Market people avoided him like a plaque. It was only just negligible few sycophants were seen calling him “Akpokuedike” which is his title name.

If by now the Governor has not noticed that there won't be election in Anambra come Nov 18th, then he needs the attention of psychiatric rehab home. If by now Obiano hasn't seen the handwriting written very bold on the wall, then his case is beyond celestial bodies to judge.

Another interesting thing happening in Anambra according to eyewitnesses is lack of confidence in the so-called election. Politicians aren't campaigning, no posters or billboards to show that something may happen on November. Everywhere is so dull, it's just few political prostitute that are giving themselves unrealistic hope.

From the signs of current atmosphere in Anambra, I doubt if INEC won't be forced to shift the date of the election, and when it is shifted? IPOB is still winning. There's no way they do it that won't be in the favour of Biafrans. If they go on with the date, no one will vote and if they shift it, is over for Nigerian political system. Other ethnic nationalities will start using “no election” to drive home their legitimate demands.

For some months now, Obiano invaded churches with looted funds to solicit for congregations’ support through the help of clergy. Catholic and Anglican churches are at the forefront of this shameful act. I'm a staunch Catholic member and very sorry to say this; my church has aided politicians to win votes through steady preaching of the clergymen.

Anambra people are wise people who have contributed much in this Biafra restoration and we expect that resistance spirit to double this time. Do not allow any clergyman to deceive you, they've all collected their share of the spoil from Obiano. What is talking now is money and not men of God. You may go to church and when is time to confuse people about elections, please use your two hands to block your ears.

Our destiny is in our hands, it is either we get it right this time or risk perpetual slavery. The governors and senators have nationalised their children in different countries of the world, they don't care if we all get killed or Islamized.

It is our duty as a people to tell these governors to send their children back home to vote for them. Do not eat one week rice or one month tomato and lose the future of your children.

We finished school with good grades; First class and most second class upper division but Almajiri with common pass is occupying where we are supposed to work. They occupy every ministry with impunity, they occupy armed forces and aviation. The only hope left for us is Biafra.

The moment you don't vote in any election especially Nov 18th Anambra gubernatorial election, the United Nations will be forced to look into our issue. They won't have any option than to force Nigerian government to recognise whatever referendum we choose to conduct soonest.

For the sake of our first class and 2.1 graduates driving tricycles (Keke Napep), for the sake of our women raped violently in their farmlands by Fulani-herdsmen, for the sake of our manufacturers starved of funds by Hausa-Fulani Nigerian government, for the sake of our promising youths mowed down by Nigerian soldiers, for the sake of recently Abia massacre, for the sake of 3.5million children killed by Gowon cum Harold Wilson of Britain and for the sake of uncountable atrocities committed against Biafrans both Mrs. Bridget Agbahime murdered in Kano whose perpetrators were later set free by Sharia court and for the sake of unborn Biafran children, do not vote in upcoming Anambra Nov 18th gubernatorial election.

Chinedu Solomon
For IPOB Writers



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  1. Noted Sir, we are very happy for this latter and I must act according to the directions. However come to my side I and my family will not vote for anyone on this giving date and i knew that if we respect this advice the number of the peoples will be minimum even do Governor Willie Obiano is from my home town. So I am in full support for Biafria to be restored, I will give everything I have even if it will take my life I am %100 willing to lay it down and save the future of my Children, children yet unborn. Thank you so much.

    “Nwodo’s comments were lies designed to
    blackmail and paint us as violent, disrespectful and
    unintelligent bunch of ingrates and is only an arm
    of the war declared on us by the Federal
    Government of Nigeria, using resources earned
    from the oil coming out of the sacred land of Biafra.” The secessionist group gave reasons it parted way
    with the Ohanaeze leader, Chief Nwodo. i see the news on this website and this site may god bless us they will faild in the name of chukwu okike abiama


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