Tuesday 17 October 2017 // 02:35 PM

Biafra: The Trend Continues As Edo Parents Reject Nigeria Army's Unnamed Killer Vaccine

Parents and guardians stormed primary schools on Friday 13th October 2017 and withdrew their children from schools. Video and graphics evidence ensure the authenticity of the report.

The schools in Edo Benin city witnessed a total lockdown on Friday when the parents rushed to schools and took their children home. It was like a planned action by the parents of these children.

Recall that on the same Friday, the parents in Bayelsa State also withdrew their children from schools to avoid infecting their kids with the dreaded virus, Monkeypox.

It was unfortunate that the defence spokesman, Enenche came to deny army's complicity in this whole issue, but then Nigerians cannot be deceived again. Denying cannot take Nigerian military anywhere.

This is more reason the members of the public should run away from this devilish medical outreach. The same army that denies invading Nnamdi Kanu's house will still deny ever conducting medical outreach if the global community calls for suitability of the killer vaccine to children.

This is the time to thank God for Radio Biafra for public awareness, for without this platform, the casualty would have been much.

The masses have lost faith in the sectional army whose only mission is to wipe out the southern people from the surface of the earth. One would have thought that Buhari could spare Edo children but as a sadist, he never disappoints.

The old Eastern and Midwestern region have rejected Buhari and his Islamic army, there is no amount of damage control that will make people trust the Jihadist army again. The people of Biafra have spoken, “take your killer vaccine to the northeast where it is needed most”.

How can we trust the army that massacred our fathers and mothers? How then do we expect Edo people to trust Fulani army who came with no option than Quran or sword?

It is time for us all to join hands and continue exposing the Jihadists army, they may have won the battle by killing innocent Biafran youths but they can never win the war. The war is still on!

Chinedu Solomon
For IPOB Writers


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