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Biafra: The Cry Of An Adult Is Too Loud To Be Ignored By Int'l Community

When a child cries, its mother never neglects the baby or she risks restlessness. The mother will try to pet the child and negotiate with the baby to know what is the problem. Through series of negotiations, the mother will ascertain what the child is asking for; whether the baby wants breastfeeding or something else.

When an adult cries, the atmosphere changes. The community members gather to ask what is the problem. Unlike the child's cry, adult cry attracts everyone. Even the enemy of the crying adult will join in asking, "what is the problem?"

Biafra is a cry of an adult. The international leaders must start asking questions about what really happened in 1967-70 genocidal war. Though some of them were well informed of the atrocities committed against Biafran people by Nigerian government headed by Gowon during the war while some were misinformed by Harold Wilson, the then British prime minister, the man who lied to the whole world.

The cry hasn't stopped rather it changed rhythms by the abduction of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra. Many youths have lost their lives in the struggle including the recent Umuahia and Aba massacre during Operation Python Dance  (Egwu Eke II).

The adult has continued to cry, the international community has a role to play here. They should come into the matter, Nigeria was a sovereign nation when the issue of Bakassi Peninsula was settled in International Criminal Court. No sovereignty is absolute, not even the almighty world powers.

If the adult is neglected, there's the possibility of the unthinkable. Good news is he may suspend the cry for the moment and bad news is he may cause commotions in the community.

What is happening in Nigeria recently is a good testament of what I'm talking about. There is confusion everywhere. The agitations here and there can never be neglected, they are cries of an adult.

It is either Biafra is discussed once and for all or Nigeria's unrest continues in a loop. The international community shouldn't be an elder who stays at home while she-goat delivers while being tied to a rope.

United Nations needs to step up and act accordingly, it is a time when quietness isn't golden.

When a child cries, the mother swings into action but when an adult cries, the community swing into action. Biafra is an adult cry and international communities must act now.

Chinedu Solomon
For IPOB Writers


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