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Biafra: Nnamdi Kanu: Trial never proceeds without evidence   

Nnamdi Kanu previously in Federal High Court Abuja

Nigeria legal system was adopted from the British system of litigation of common law.
And in common law in civil proceedings and in penal proceedings onus lies on the presiding judge to compel prosecuting counsel to provide a boarding of proof and prove his case beyond every reasonable doubt, the same applies to plaintiffs.

But from all indications, it is clear enough that Nigeria legal system is dead.

Bright Chimezie, Mmadubugwu and others have been in jail for almost two years without evidence that they committed the crime they are accused of yet the judge refused to acquit them.
Having kept these Biafran citizens for two years in jail, Nigeria government has manipulated all it could but didn't see any evidence against these men. In a democratic dispensation, you should have evidence before you sue or arrest not the other way round but the reverse is the case in Nigeria.

Justice, equity and fairness have been murdered in Nigeria. Biafrans have explored all the legal processes to settle their case with the Nigerian government but the Nigerian government continues to prevaricate justice and commit contempt of the court.

Justice Binta Nyako has said she would commence treason trial without any evidence before the court, honestly, we have placed the world on enough notice and let no man with conscience blame us because Nigeria government has evidently shown us that it wants war.

After the invasion of Nnamdi Kanu's house, the Nigerian military keeps going there to loathe properties and even plant weapons there just to indict and dent the image of Nnamdi Kanu. As it is this very moment, the Nigerian defence minister who has been lying through his nose recently admitted that they invaded Nnamdi Kanu's house many times. If not that the camera picked their invasion on the 8th of October he wouldn't have accepted it and is very important that the world should tell Nigeria military to provide Nnamdi KANU. For over a months now, we haven't seen nor heard from him since the invasion by the Nigerian military. If Nigeria military refuses to provide Nnamdi KANU then they are asking for war beyond borders and the world should never blame us afterwards.
I rest my case.

By Prince Chinonso Jacob 
For IPOB Writers


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