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BIAFRA: Open Letter to UN, EU, Amnesty, Over the Killing of Biafrans by Nigeria Military

Nigerian Army rolls in tanks into Biafraland in the so-called "Operation Python Dance 2"

To Whom it May Concern

The United Nations, European Union, United States of America and Other World Governing Bodies

We write to inform you of an urgent need to rise up against the continued systematic annihilation of the people from the Old Eastern part of Nigeria, a people who are identified as Biafrans. It is obvious that if immediate steps are not taken by your office to address the plight of these people, they risk being exterminated.

We bring to your notice the recent onslaught planned against Biafrans by the Federal Government of Nigeria. An attack which left more than 74 IPOB  (Indigenous People of Biafra) members dead, several others critically injured whereas many were whisked away including those shot dead.

This attack came as a military exercise code-named Operation Python Dance II (Egwu Eke II) and carried out in the Eastern part of the country, a Biafran territory considered to be relatively peaceful.

The First Invasion Attempt

Ten trailers conveying armored tanks and military hardware with heavily armed soldiers were on the 8th of September, 2017 seen entering the South East and three days after, they tried invading the home residence of Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of IPOB, an attempt which left two IPOB members dead as the invading soldiers were restricted access to the residential house of the IPOB leader hence they could not but shoot two persons dead.

Although, the invading soldiers claimed that IPOB members flooding the area threw stones at them which led them to react with a Python Dance but eyewitnesses said that the invading soldiers had shot the two victims dead before people started throwing stones at them.

As though that was a tip of the iceberg, on the 12th of September, 2017, the soldiers deployed for the "Operation Python Dance II" mounted roadblocks at different locations in the southeast, waiting to attack IPOB members who would be heading to Umuahia, the home country of their leader.

On that fateful day, some IPOB members heading to Umuahia from Aba, both in Abia state, were intercepted and attacked at Aro-Ngwa junction.

According to an eyewitness, Chinedu Isaac, who escaped the onslaught, the soldiers on the Python Dance, with the aid of armoured vehicles, chased fleeing Biafrans into the bush, shooting them and confirming them dead before throwing them into their vans.

He said that some Biafrans jumped into a river in the area and the soldiers chased and shot them dead, leading to many of them dying out of gunshots while others drowned.

By his estimate, he said that about 50 IPOB members died that day, but as for him, he only escaped by God's grace, sustaining some injury.

The soldiers on the Python Dance in another location brutalized another group of Biafrans whipping them mercilessly.

Some of them were equally forced to lay face-down on the muddy water along the road, which led to the death of the victims with their stomachs swollen.

About 20 victims' bodies were found in the bush after the onslaught.

Invasion of Nnamdi Kanu's House

On the 14th September, 2017, another onslaught took place, but this time, it was in the palace of Eze Israel Kanu, who is the King of Afara-Ukwu Ibeku in Umuahia as well as the father of Nnamdi Kanu.

In that attack, the invading soldiers on the Python Dance shot their way into the compound of the king. They killed many people and took their bodies away. They destroyed lives and property, including cars parked at the residence and Kanu's dog in the compound.

They whisked Nnamdi Kanu, his parents and many principal officers of IPOB away and since then, no one knows their whereabouts. The number whisked away is estimated to be 30 people whereas about 22 persons were confirmed dead on that day.

As at this day of writing this letter, 3rd October 2017, the home of Nnamdi Kanu is deserted.


Proscription Of IPOB And Its Terrorist Status

Following the invasion was the declaration of IPOB as a terrorist organization by Nigeria Defence Headquarters, and subsequently a court of jurisdiction.

The Declaratory statement alleged, among other things, that IPOB is a violent organization with its members - extorting money from the public,  carrying weapons like stones - which reasons (if true) were not enough to classify a group as a terrorist organization according to the constitution of Nigeria as well as International Terrorism Act.

But I want to make it abundantly clear to you that IPOB is not a terrorist organization, rather they are a people who have been meted with injustice and as a result, want to exit the union - Nigeria -  which was imposed on them.

And in pursuant of this, they have chosen to follow peaceful ways to self-determination, like civil disobedience, peaceful protests/demonstrations, which are internationally recommended.

You can make your research about The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) which operates in over 80 countries of the world and still counting. You will find out that this group is one the most peaceful sets of agitators the world has ever recorded. They are not violent.

They are very peaceful in their protests but instead of protecting them, the Nigerian police and army shoot them, provoking them to armed struggle yet they have refused to respond violently.

It was due to their strict adherence to peaceful means of achieving the Biafra Republic that prompted the Nigerian government to act through Python Dance Operation - accusing them of being terrorists even when they (IPOB) have not killed anyone. As it stands, the Nigerian government and the military do not have any evidence to substantiate their flimsy allegations against IPOB.

It is unfortunate and clearly a height of injustice to declare IPOB a terrorist organization proscribing its activities in the country whereas Fulani herdsmen who have publicly killed many Nigerians are not seen as terrorists, instead they are pacified like gods in the country, hence they have unabatedly continued their rampage in the country.

It is attention-provoking to see that the said Herdmen which is the fourth deadliest Terrorist group internationally is left by the Nigerian government led by Gen Muhamadu Buhari to fester while continually subjugating IPOB members who pose no threat to anyone according to Amnesty International.

We also draw your attention to the fact that President Buhari supports and advocates the freedom of Palestinians and Western Saharan people but chooses to suppress the agitation for a Biafran state in Nigeria. And I want you to decide whether the freedom Buhari wants for Palestinians and the Western Saharan people is not good for Biafrans.

Biafrans killed by the Nigerian Armed Forces

The president and his handlers have repeatedly made the comment "The unity of Nigeria is non-negotiable" even when it is not the wish of the people involved to remain united. And to achieve their autocratic desire, they resorted to killing the agitators of a Biafran state and classifying IPOB as a terrorist organization.

Therefore, I humbly request the following from your office:
1:  use your good office to intervene and call the  Nigerian government led by General Muhamadu Buhari with the security operatives of the country, especially, the Military, to order; let them stop the killing of Biafrans.

2. Let a panel of inquiries and investigations be set by your office to ascertain the veracity of these onslaughts against Biafrans, with the aim of bringing to justice the perpetrators.

3. Force the Nigerian government to produce the leader of IPOB, his parents and the others whisked away by the invading soldiers.

4. Force the government of Nigeria into recognizing and respecting the inalienable rights of Indigenous People of Biafra to self-determination, hence, honouring the United Nations resolutions on the rights of indigenous people as a result.

5. Force the Nigerian government to withdraw the terrorist and proscribed status of IPOB because it is not a terrorist organization.

6. Advocate for and Organize a referendum to allow the people of Biafra choose where they wish to belong, whether to remain in Nigeria or form a separate state of Biafra.

We trust your quick intervention and response to this urgent situation to avoid further innocent bloodshed.

IPOB Writers Family.


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