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Biafra: Why Professor Ango Abdullahi Must Shun Hypocrisy And Act Now

Prof Ango Abdullahi


Polarity along ethnic divides and political cum ideological interests undeniably characterized the Nigerian nationhood from time immemorial. Obafemi Awolowo of the Yoruba ethnic stock said "the nation Nigeria is a mere geographical expression". Sir ABUBAKAR Tafawa  Balewa of the NPC(Northern People's Congress and first Prime minister of the first Republic said that the amalgamation of North and South was the biggest mistake he ever knew. Zik of Africa of the Eastern political class, the then leader of the NCNC and first President of the first Republic said "the North and South are like oil and water that can never mix together. These observations by the patrons of Nigeria only added to the existing polemics and inter-ethnic suspicions and ethno-political consciousness instead of national or patriotic consciousness simply because the foremost nationalists made these stream of undeniable and only truthful observations without digging out commensurate solutions to what they thought were undeniable fault lines.

One thing is for anyone that feels he is troubled to find or locate his/her problem and the other and most important thing is solving the problem. In other  words, the first approach to solving any problem is finding the problem, accepting the problem and finally applying the most suitable approach to solving the problem.

Herein is the prime subject of this discussion, Professor Ango  Abdullahi of the Northern Elders Forum(NEF) and an executive member of the Arewa  Consultative Forum(ACF) all of Northern Pan-ethnic, cultural cum political interest ideology watch-dog within the Nigerian unworkable project. It is noteworthy to understand that all the Pan-ethnic interest organizations exist to check-mate and  protect their interest in a heterogeneous society where mutual suspicion remains the most obvious political Hallmark among office holders of any ethnic origin. It becomes however in view of the mutual suspicion that the only way to escape being sidelined in any administration is by establishing as many Pan-ethnic organizations as is conceivable.

Like our foremost Nationalists and first elites among whom I enlisted above, Ango Abdullahi's observations will mean absolute nothing if he fails to act in defense of his observation in which he stated that "it is better Nigeria disintegrates now than continue, since she has registered no known achievement since after amalgamation". This in my view is the most appropriate thing to do, as all available indices indicate that Nigeria has a foundational and fundamental problem that can never let it work. As a heterogeneous society, it would have been only morally right for component ethnic Nations to come together and discuss whether or not they want to continue in the establishment called Nigeria.


As a known and respected voice in Northern Nigerian political interest moulding and readership, I suggest the best and bravest thing to do to include:

1: As a valid opinion moulder of the Arewa Consultative Forum And Northern Elders Forum, convene a meeting of all the Northern Elders irrespective of political and religious affiliations and convince them of the need to build a strong legacy for posterity of Northern Kids, both born and unborn.

2: By first withdrawimg from the obviously unworkable Nigerian project, which has remained beneficial enterprise to only the criminal Northern political class

3: Convince all the members of the Northern houses of assembly to adopt the withdrawal from Nigeria and Establishment of Arewa Republic as the only workable alternative to building a legacy for generations unborn and teeming population of frustrated youths.

4: Convince all Northern members of the National assembly (Senate and Houses of representative) to support a referendum for all Nigerians and most importantly for BIAFRA

5: By this, the federal Government will have no option than to listen to the various agitations for freedom and Biafra most essentially, thereby avoiding war as a means for national consensus or dissolution.

A rejoinder will follow later on



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