Thursday 05 September 2017 // 09:38 PM

Biafra: Nigerians Talk Unity And Act Dis-United

Action they say speaks louder than thousands and millions of voices. It is inauspicious for Nigerians and their leaders to talk how much they love to have Nigeria United When in the actual sense Nigerian government on behalf of a vast proponents of one united Nigeria continue to work against Unity. It will mean act of desecration on the word 'Unity' if Nigerians continue to use it as is archetypal of what definition Nigerians continue to ascribe it.

One may be wondering whether the mis-use of the word 'unity' by all the ironic campaigners for a continued Nigeria is in any guise deliberate conspiracy or a result of ignorance of the contextual meaning as they apply it. The fantasy has excruciatingly continued for decades without a national attempt to define in real sense the irreducible meaning of the word. Oxford advanced Learner's Lexicon defines Unity as - the state of working together in agreement. Meaning in other words that the word unity is only substantially existent when there is a valid agreement for being.

From the definition above and by inclusion of the noun 'agreement,' it conclusively means that without  dialogue which births agreement for  unity, there can actually not be unity.

Let us consider this examplary circumstance: How could Nigeria, a sovereign state, have been hoodwinked by AU(African Union) as a member nation when in actual sense there was not a Nigerian signatory to any agreement from any known dialogue. It is crazy, primitive, ridiculous, unmitigated diplomatic disaster, insane and unrealistic. In other words, if member Nations of The African Union wish to have Nigeria as a member, she must apply diplomacy by firstly sending her representatives to Nigeria, to inform Nigeria of her goodwill, seek Nigeria's opinion and consequently persuade Nigeria on the benefits of belonging where sister-nations discuss ways forward for the continent and the World at large. In principle and ethics of cohabitation and global standard, it is, however, drawing from my analogy above, nice and responsible for Nigeria to shelve pride and seek dialogue with Biafrans on the way forward than continue to use coercion, barrel-go of the gun, intimidation, killing, maiming, falsehood, acts that negate globally accepted standards for conflicts and political resolutions.

 It is absolutely inconsistent and deliberate conflicting with globally acknowledged principles for the Federal Government of Nigeria under the leadership of Muhammadu Buhari to keep using expletive and coercive polemics on the sensibilities of the masses as a measure for achieving peaceful coexistence. Like science and technology, politics which is also a branch of science has also gone through a revolutionary reinterpretation and rebirth where use of force has completly given way for peaceful resolution through dialogue and persuasions. The resolve to restore the Republic of Biafra is a decision by overwhelming population of all citizens of the old Eastern Nigeria, which must be respected to its latter. It is not a privilege but right wholely defined by The United Nations(UN)charter on the rights of all World's Indigenous people.

To be forewarned is to be fore-armed. Nigeria, let Biafra go or allow a Referendum where the majority of Biafrans will collectively decide their fate.



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