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Biafra: Why The Five South-Eastern Governors Are Despicably Inconsistent With Democratic Tenets And Rule Of Law


Firstly, I must commence by defining democracy: this is a government of the people, for the people and by the people. In other words, the legitimacy to stand as a principal state actor must be drawn from the people.The people give a mandate and the people take mandate. Without the people, however, there cannot be a state which means that a state is only recognized by the presence of a people. The essence of the state remains to deliver dividends to the people and this is only substantiated by the people, not the state actors. It is only in despotic, fuddy-duddy, flinty, self-deceiving regimes that such fictitious, facade and faux-pass are established by the ruling class.

Nigeria and all her state actors have continued with utter impunity to exude undemocratic and despicably unacceptable idiosyncrasies, a facsimile of despotic regimes where the interest of the masses are treated with disdain and flippancy. Policies and resolutions are drawn from selfish desires of the ruling class against the principles and conventional tenets of democracy, where power resides with the people.

Arrogance and extraneous characteristics of democracy and rule of law are also the Hallmark of the political class among which the five southeastern governors fall. One may begin to think/imagine what possibly emboldens the audacity of these extant minds perambulating the political space here as leaders to act with their unrelenting flippancy against the people's demands. Could their source of energy be stretching from their assurances of victory into offices whether the masses voted or not, which of course is archetypal of the unfortunate, abysmal, irritating, frivolous, uninteresting, and rigged political system via which they all emerged? No wonder they use hunger and deceitful promises to sustain servitude, poverty, and false-hope among the very vulnerable poor masses to their overall political, economic and self-serving interests.

Little did they believe the saying "you can deceive some people at times, but you can not deceive everyone all the time" until the very massive awakening of the consciousness of the dejected masses by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra Worldwide (IPOB), hit the hearts of even most uninformed citizens like a tsunami with wide acceptance and a renewal of hope as never seen before in the history of black Africa.

One thing is for people to accept the fact that they are slaves and another is working to destroy the servitude and gain liberty or freedom as the case may be. All pointers obviously indicate that the five southeastern governors (Dave Umahi of Ebonyi state, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu state, Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia state, Willie Obiano of Anambra state and Rochas Okorocha of IMO state) are unarguably willing slave-boys of the Hausa/Fulani and British masters.They stand to make no independent decisions of their own except those sanctioned by the feudal northern oligarchs and their cronies - the British. This has continued to be more glaring in recent times considering the level of very questionable loyalty they pay to the northern oligarchs for their selfish political conveniences at the very detriment of the very people they represent. This also casts the doubt of participatory democracy on the ever-nascent democracy being intrinsic in Nigeria, where everything is blamed on nascency. If things are done over here as they are done in civilized democracies, the only way of extrication for the charade of cowardice political actors here at this moment of obviously difficult political timeline would be to resign their offices and hands-off keep exuding avoidable faux-pass to the further destruction of their lost image.

When I heard the news of Dave Umahi governor of Ebonyi state and chairman of Southeastern governors forum saying he would give amnesty to "FORMER" members supposedly citizens of the Indigenous people of Biafra, I continued to imagine if the fatal mistakes we have as politicians have never understood the essence of undergoing psychoanalysis, to get explanations why they have a misfiring brain faculty. Where he draws the impression of some citizens of Biafra being "former" must remain an analysis to be established by the mistake called Umahi. I am not perturbed any further by the fretful behaviors of these charlatans who draw their inspiration from an overtly illiterate northern political class, who dwell on outdated political etiquettes, contrary to acceptable conventional principles. Nigeria, as is currently structured, must remain by all indices the biggest travesty on nationhood, where mediocre is most welcomed into political offices.

The products of mediocrity marauding as governors in the East have established themselves without doubts as folk-memories in our hearts for years to come, their behaviours shall be told the offsprings to come hereafter, that while men were writing their names in the annals of time in the fight to rescue their people, they (governors) were on the contrary fighting to destroy those legendary efforts with the aim of sustaining suppression, marginalization, and campaigns of hate against their very own people.

Posterity shall, of course, remember and reward every man according to what his deeds mean. The principles of retributive returns shall measure also requisite portions to every man according to that which we chased as priorities at any point in our lifetime.

In conclusion, I wish to remind all detractors to the sovereignty of Biafra that nothing any man does can deter the coming or freedom of the state of Biafra because it is a mandate from the highest God.

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