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Biafra: Biafra Ideology Already Embedded In Our DNA

Biafra Ideology is already imbibed in our DNA

Just like genetic code which carries information about an organism and the would-be actions of an individual, the Biafra ideology has formed a subroutine program in our life code. Unfortunately, this subroutine program is in a continuous loop.

This section of the program was written in a structured format and marginalization is the “if” statement triggering it all the time to run. Once subjugation, suppression, oppression, nepotism, and other inhuman acts by the oppressor is experienced, the subroutine is triggered.

The marginalization of Biafrans in Nigeria did not start today. It was and still a common factor driving Biafra agitations. Even when the Britain was officially ruling Nigeria, the marginalization was there though not too obvious as it is today.

The census of 1963 was a clear case of marginalization where imperial masters rigged the exercise in favor of Northern Nigeria and in detriment to Old Eastern region. It was done to position and protect Britain's interest in the post-British era. The era in which we are in today, where Britain is indirectly ruling Nigeria in what is called ‘neocolonization’.

After the independence of Nigeria in 1960, Ahmadu Bello made it clear to Nnamdi Azikiwe that there is a huge difference between North and South but Zik in his selfishness to rule Africa, jettisoned the warning given to him by Ahmadu Bello.

Since Hausa-Fulani gripped power, they have been very violent to anyone who may change the status quo. No wonder every call for referendum or restructuring is like pouring fuel in a zone of equal heat and oxygen.

The injustices done to Biafrans from incept has embedded the spirit of self-determination in us. Every Biafran person now talks about self-determination without fear.

To mention but just few of these injustices; the strangulation of economic activities through government orchestrated policies which have led to the abandonment of Onne, Ibom, Aba, Warri and Onitsha seaports. These seaports could have been a channel through which Biafrans would generate internal revenue to develop the region of South-east cum south-south.

The abandonment of federal roads which has retarded the movement of people, goods, and services. The roads in East are death traps, some big vehicles like lorry do spend two days or more just to travel from Owerri to Porth Harcourt (Igweocha).

What of the international airport? The same story. The only one approved by Goodluck Jonathan’s administration has been killed by the present government. The Enugu international airport is just there for formality. Most foreign airlines are cautioned by the government not to follow the route.

It will be a bad omen to beat a child and ask him/her not to cry. It is a deliberate act of the Nigerian government to beat Biafrans and ask them not to cry. The cry is getting louder each passing day and humanity is beginning to ask questions.

The Hausa-Fulani government of Nigeria is beating Biafrans with marginalization and deployed ‘Python Dance’ to force them not to cry. The Python has come to dance, the Python has swallowed over hundred youths just for demanding what is right. The Python has washed the streets of Aba with Biafran blood.

At this stage, the Nigerian government should know that the Biafran ideology is embedded in our DNA. Though the program might have not started running in the system of current useless south-east governors because they are benefiting from the illegal Nigeria.

The program has been activated in million Biafrans from Bonny to Igede. The cry of over 60 million Biafrans cannot be quenched with ‘Python Dance’. At worst it may lead to arm struggle and it won't benefit us both including other African countries.

Using the military to intimidate and harass Biafrans will not achieve short, medium and long-term results. The agitations continue and crying gets louder.

The Nigerian government has to borrow wise ideas from other countries like Ethiopia who conducted a referendum for Eritrea people to peacefully secede from the union.

The restructuring will not save Nigeria because it will still lead to total disintegration. It is better to do it once and for all than wasting resources and time.

Our DNA code has Biafra subroutine and should be respected. We are Biafrans, we are IPOB and we are a people.

Chinedu Solomon

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