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BIAFRA: South-East Governors Ordered The 

Massacre Of Innocent Civilians In South-East


The lives of the innocent armless and harmless civilian populace of southeast region of the contraption called Nigeria has been under severe threat of genocidal attacks since Sunday, 10th September 2017, to date. Hundreds of innocent and peaceful civilians have lost their lives since last Sunday and the question here is this: who is behind all these horrors and what is the reason for all these brutalities?

This is a conspiracy between the government at Abuja led by president Muhammadu Buhari and the SouthEast governors in the persons of Willie Obiano (Anambra State), Okezie IKpeazu (Abia State), Rochas Okorocha (Imo State), Ifeanyi Okowa (Delta State), Uguanyi (Enugu State) and Umeahi (Ebonyi State).

It is a known fact that Muhammadu Buhari even before now as president has been an arch genocidist, chronic hater of the Igbos and an undisputed evil incarnate military general. This man is a beast and a monster personified and all the SouthEast governors are aware of these facts about him.

Muhammadu Buhari has always made open his hatred for the Igbo race to the point that he shamefully stated before the International community that he has no program for those who did not vote for him during the last Presidential Election, a statement he has very much fulfilled by skipping off the entire Southeast from the national railway project.

This man is a very wicked man, so bloodthirsty as was seen in the post-election violence of 2011 when he invited his supporters to kill anyone standing in their way and this gave rise to the destruction of so many houses, shops and churches and brutal killing of a lot of Christians and Biafrans residing in the northern part of this contraption called Nigeria.

Muhammadu Buhari is very interested in any measure that will either foster Islamization of the East or facilitate the ethnic cleansing of the Igbo race so when the South East governors endorsed the Operation Python Dance II in the region, it became an opportunity for the bloodsucker Muhammadu Buhari to execute his long-desired killing and wiping out of the Igbos.

The South East people should understand that it was the governors in the actual sense that are responsible for the brutal massacre of hundreds of innocent civilians in Abia State and Obigbo in Rivers State. Hundreds are still in detention while hundreds are also missing with no one knowing their whereabouts. What justification do the governors have to allow the deployment of soldiers? Was there any violence in the region? if at all there was, has it gone beyond the control of the police? The answer to all these questions is NO. There was nothing like the crisis in the South East, no one had issues with anyone, the IPOB organization is always disciplined and well organized and has been recognized internationally as the most peaceful and organized freedom fighting group in the whole world.

IPOB is not an armed group and is never a terrorist group but believes in the use of democratic principles in actualizing the restoration of Biafran State.

The South Eastern governors are very much angry with the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and have conspired to have him assassinated at all costs for the following simple reasons:

•        Nnamdi Kanu has made them irrelevant by exposing to the people the truth they could not hear from the politicians and by so doing obtained the mandate of the people to be their leader. These governors are just sitting in the government houses to steal public funds but cannot in any way boast of the people’s loyalty; nobody is loyal to them again.

•        Nnamdi Kanu has requested the federal government to announce a date for a referendum in order to allow the people of the South East to decide whether to remain in this contraption called Nigeria or not, a request he put forward with the mandate of the people of Biafra, and to put pressure on the government to do this he has advised the people of Biafra to avoid participating in future elections in Biafra land beginning with the Anambra State election slated for November 18 2017.  Everyone is asked to stay home on that day.

•        Nnamdi Kanu managed to close the gap created by the government when they divided the land of Biafra into South-South and South East geopolitical zones with the attendant seed of discord planted between these two brothers. Nnamdi Kanu has exposed this divide and rule antic and has made everyone to know that we are but one, the citizens of Biafra.

•        Nnamdi Kanu has made the people understand that those they have elected into offices are the ones responsible for their pains and sufferings because they do not consider their interests but only focus on making themselves and their families comfortable at the perils of all other citizens.

Everybody knows that Nnamdi Kanu is standing for the people while the governors are just after themselves.

These are the reasons the governors want Nnamdi Kanu dead as a matter of urgency because they have seen that he has exposed their lies and their evil plans, but these loser governors are power crazy and desperate to remain in power, hence, they do not want to hear ‘ No Election’ and are out to do anything possible including the elimination of Nnamdi Kanu in order to continue with their plans to remain in office. That made it necessary for them to accept the president’s proposal for the military occupation of the South East to facilitate the killing of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

The whole plan was to kill Nnamdi Kanu, that was why the military took their operation Python Dance to his family house at Afara Ukwu Ibeku Umuahia.

On the first day of this assault, the army claimed that it was only passing by Nnamdi Kanu’s house in the military show of force and the police in their own statement said the army was only testing their newly acquired armored personnel carriers. If these excuses were anything plausible on that first day, what about the second day, the third day and all other days to Thursday 14th September 2017 when they army forcefully entered the family house of Nnamdi Kanu Killing hundreds of his followers and taking away his parents and siblings to unknown locations? It will be nice for the army and the police to also tell us what all these mean.

The governors are responsible for all these; these are simply the outcomes of their series of meetings with the presidency and the Sultan of Sokoto who has obtained their plea of allegiance in that regard.

All these governors are just stooges and errand boys to the Sultan of Sokoto and this makes it completely imperative for every well-meaning Biafran to boycott all elections no matter how small it might seem in Biafra land. We cannot continue to appoint and elect errand boys for the Sokoto Caliphate. WE SAY THERE WILL BE NO ELECTION IN ANAMBRA STATE COME NOVEMBER 18 2017, NO ELECTIONS IN ENUGU STATE ALSO AND NO ELECTIONS IN BIAFRA LAND IN 2019. WE MUST STAND SHOULDER TO SHOULDER WITH THE MAN THAT IS INTERESTED IN OUR FREEDOM – NNAMDI KANU.

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