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Biafra: South-east Governors Implicated In Abia Massacre


The federal government of Nigeria can not deploy troops to a region without the acknowledgment of the sitting Governors. The governor of a state is like the chief security officer of that state.

What is currently happening in Umuahia is an orchestrated plan to subdue IPOB through military massacre codenamed ‘Operation Python Dance 11’.

The federal government of Nigeria failed to subdue IPOB through legal instrument due to the fact that every of their move is countered with potent logical arguments. The government felt that since the judiciary is not cooperating in this show of shame, they opted for brutality.

The governors in the south-eastern region are also not happy with IPOB for having declared “No referendum No Election” in Biafra land. The governors together with Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo conspired with Buhari’s government to massacre their people.

No wonder it was reported yesterday being 15th of September, 2017 that the south-east governors had a meeting in Enugu and resolved that IPOB activities must end in the region.

It was also reported that the federal government of Nigeria accused the governors of allowing IPOB to proliferate. During the meeting, Buhari’s government persuaded the governors to ban IPOB or risk state of emergency in their respective states.

The governors cowardly accepted federal government's instructions due to their monthly allocations and forthcoming November 18th Anambra gubernatorial election.

The governors never condemned or complained about army killings in Umuahia, they were intimidated to the submission of the Aso Rock tyrant, Muhamadu Buhari.

It is said that “Not condemning a crime is a crime itself.” The governors shared a greater portion in this avoidable massacre.

It should be sounded clearly to their (governors) ears that they were not informed before IPOB was formed and has no right to ban its activities. IPOB is about a people who champion the struggle for survival of Biafran people and no amount of intimidation will interrupt her divine mission.

The governors forgot that those who stabbed their people at the back never end well.

Nnamdi Kanu may have started the movement but from all indications, the movement has become the unquenchable inferno. Silencing Nnamdi Kanu will be suicidal, there are many of his kind who may not be patient just like him.

The federal government and south-east governors should toll the lines of democracy, IPOB has a case in Abuja Federal High court on 17th October 2017. They should appeal the verdict of Justice Binta Nyako who declared IPOB as a legal organization.

What is still confusing these mischief makers is the rate at which Biafra is spreading to threatened the status quo; Fulani sultanate of Nigeria.

IPOB will resist this culprit and their instigators, the goal is Biafra and no mortal power can stop Biafra. The pharaoh and his chariots will be submerged in the red sea, and Biafra shall come.

South-east governors will regret their actions, Buhari’s atrocities may be forgotten but these murderers (South-east Governors) must account for their stewardship in no distance time.

Their nightmare has just begun, so far as radio Biafra blaze 24/7 they shall never know peace until justice is done.

I would like to use this opportunity to appeal to my Yoruba friends to mind their business, it may be the turn of Biafrans today but tomorrow might bring something different.

I would also like to inform the members of the public both the judiciary that the struggle for Biafra restoration has taken a deeper place in the minds of the oppressed, no amount of military intimidation, genocide, and judicial rascality will stop Biafra.

Long live Nnamdi Kanu, long live Biafrans all over the world and long live Republic of Biafra.

Chinedu Solomon

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