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Biafra: The Hypocrisy Of The Campaign For Unity As Championed By Divorcee Kenneth Okonkwo And Tonto Dike

Nollywood actors Tonto Dikeh and Kenneth Okonkwo

Unfolding events in the recent times in Nigeria have continued to leave people who have spiritual understanding and inclinations to summary events amazed and awed at how stupid and ridiculous people who derive joy in challenging the mandate of most High God have always ended up presenting themselves HYPOCRITES after overall assessment by the general public. This has also led to most of them ending up with no image to further protect or fall back on. I shall begin by firstly explaining to the benefit of my reading audience the meaning of the word "HYPOCRISY" and how it most efficiently serves as a descriptor to the insensitive and unacceptable campaign for one Nigeria as championed by Mazi Kenneth Okonkwo (Alias Andy Okeke) and Tonto Dikeh of the Nollywood fame.

 HYPOCRISY: This is a behavior in which somebody/persons pretend to have 'moral' standards or opinions that they do not actually have or exhibit. It is usually adjudged from the behavior or judgment such persons establish when issues of interest are presented, especially as it concerns other people.

DIVORCE: The legal ending of marriage (legal union between man and woman or in recent times man and man or woman and woman as the case may be) or between ideas and subjects (of say - politics and religion), often warranted by lingering unresolved conflicts bothering on ideas, interests and opinions between any two rival opponents or subjects. Human sufferers of this circumstance are referred to as Divorcée (woman/lady) and Divorcé (man/male) respectively. Having expatiated on the diction choice for this piece, I will move on to dwell on the entire subject of discussion here.

Precisely on the 27th of September 2017, a cross-section of very few diminishing Nollywood celebrities who are drifting obviously to 'political-jobbers/contractors' alongside a wife of former Governor of Kogi state (Aisha Wada) staged a campaign for the Unity of Nigeria to the Fountain Hill of Abuja, with banners, fliers and emblems with various inscriptions supportive of their Campaign tag (One Nigeria). As usual, they were given the media presence they needed to promote their false campaign for unity. As risible as this is, they performed lots of very dramatist/theatrical behaviors that lent more credence to the mediocre industry they all represent.

In any participatory democracy, it is a right of all citizens to protest and show their grievances towards any obvious political challenge. But in Nigeria, those who are seen as exponents to existing state order are treated like lesser humans with live ammunitions contrary to conventional standards for treating protests World over.

Many cases of this impunity by the Nigerian state are manifest in the manner Biafrans were butchered during a rally of solidarity to the victory of Donald Trump, the President of the United state of America on the 20th of January, 2017 in Port Harcourt, America's presidential inauguration day. And too many of such unwarranted highhandedness by the Nigeria security operatives against peaceful citizens of the indigenous people of Biafra during many peaceful protests and most recent of which is the unwarranted invasion of the home of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB), Prince Prophet Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, in his country home at Afara-Ibeku in Umuahia Abia state on the 14th of September 2017 and same event also was recorded across the cities of Aba Abia state and Oyigbo Port Harcourt  city of Rivers state - to mention but a few.

The dissolution of Nigeria as a task that has been settled is even more valid knowing fully well that Nigeria as presently constituted by the British colonial Savage Frederick Lugard of the Royal Niger company expired on the 14th of January 2014 as is obtainable in the amalgamation documents of the North and South of this very criminal enterprise called Nigeria. Which means, in other words, that any attempt to force the continued existence of same (Nigeria) without due consent by constituent ethnic nationalities remains not only criminal but disrespectful; it amounts to stupendous ignorance, strangest insanity, contravention of obvious human rights, callous, barbarous, primitive, indecent, avoidable extenuation, extraneous to Democratic templates, extemporaneous, Freakish, frantic, erroneous, factitive and flinty.

Why Nigeria in her factoid and self-deceit that continued the campaign for one Nigeria using diminishing characters like Kenneth Okonkwo of the mediocre Nollywood fame and Tonto Dike would do the magic and bring her back from break-up without due process is another very extricable episode. Like Buhari - the despotic president of the criminal Republic of Nigeria -Kenneth Okonkwo also divorced his first wife (Ogechi Ezekiel) that bore him a son, without having the whole planet criminalizing him over that. Kenneth (Alias Andy Okeke) could not have possibly divorced Ogechi Ezekiel his former wife if everything supportive of a happy matrimonial home was intact. It obviously must have birthed from years of lingering conflicts of interests and disloyalty, promiscuity, infidelity, ideology or interests.
Whatever be the cause, the most important thing remains that incompatibility or expiration of contractual agreement must be a responsible factor for his eventual break-up and subsequent remarriage to a new wife (Ifeoma) that has been blessed with a son.

He who goes for equity/Justice must do so with both hands clean or risk being embarrassed and ridiculed (proverbial adage). Why Kenneth Okonkwo (Alias Andy Okeke), President Muhammadu Buhari (THE DIVORCE` DICTATOR of Nigeria) and Tonto Dikeh(THE CONTROVERSIAL DIVORCEE` of the son of the former President of Nigeria, Churchill) deserve 'Peace' of mind from a marriage or Union that has no visible future, but consistently campaign for same against the wish of Biafrans Worldwide is a huge lesson that brings us back to the subject heading "HYPOCRISY".

Buhari divorced and remarried, Kenneth Okonkwo divorced and remarried and Tonto Dikeh currently a divorcée will also remarry when a suiting suitor comes for her hand in marriage or get re-unioned with her husband on entirely new conditions and terms.




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