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Biafra: Nwodo And Chatham House

Nnia Nwodo leader of Oha n'eze Igbo

The leader of Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo, Chief John Nnia Nwodo has taken his Restructuring mantra to Royal Institute of International Affairs. Nwodo was making a public speech on 27th September 2017 where he was heard canvassing for Restructuring of Nigeria.

Nwodo also said that Restructuring of Nigeria is as good as a free Biafra . He was telling the world how Restructuring will be a better deal for Biafrans than outright secession.

It seems that once respected Chatham House has become a place for selling expired products. APC government sold ‘negative change” in this same House in 2015. Nwodo has started again with ‘Restructuring’. I'll still get to dig deep about this Chatham House, maybe in a separate article.

Restructuring, having suffered a strong opposition in Hausa-Fulani populated Senate has now found a new life in Chatham House. It was and still obvious that northern senators, elders, and youths have kicked against any change that will affect the current advantages they have in Nigeria skewed political system.

The question the likes of Nwodo failed to ask themselves is: “will Restructuring stop Biafra agitations? What are they going to restructure that will not affect Hausa-Fulani advantage in Nigeria?”

Genuine Restructuring may see the expungement of Sharia law in Nigeria and how does Nwodo want Islamic fundamentalists in Nigeria to react? People like Buhari who are bent on dipping Quran in Atlantic ocean will never be alive to see it happen.

Genuine Restructuring will cripple Hausa-Fulani in both advancing their religion and milking Biafran land. But then they will be the highest fools to lose Biafran oil and as well lose their religious freedom.

We should ask Nwodo what ‘Restructuring’ is to him. Is it protecting his business interest in Abuja and Lagos? He can never envisage what awaits him in Abuja the day he will raise the dust. Chatham House may not save him, Hausa-Fulani will shred his skin like shredded Salla meat.

‘We’ in the other side have seen what our elders aren't seeing. Nwodo’s generation is still living in the past while we are looking at future; the faith of present and incoming generation.

This Chatham House speech is another deception in its entirety. Ohaneze and south-east governors collaborated with the federal government to massacre defenseless Biafran youths in Aba. Having noticed that IPOB is aware of their complicity in the whole plot, Nwodo rushed to London to confuse the whole world with Restructuring.

Let it be on record that once upon a time Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo partook in massacring their children in the streets of Umuahia. Ohaneze has made history and it shall be remembered all the time.

At this stage of Biafra struggle, no one will confuse us with what we don't know the meaning. Even if they concocted something that looks like a change of current status and brought to us as Restructuring, it has a negligible effect on our Biafra struggle.

As we all know that every expired product can't pass the taste of time so shall Restructuring fail and at last Biafra will prevail.

Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo, south-east governors, and military should own up to their actions. They have killed innocent youths, they should organize a party to eat their dead bodies. They shouldn't disturb us with Restructuring mantra.

Chinedu Solomon

For IPOB Writers


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