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 Nigeria Persecution And Suppression Of IPOB, A Sign Of Imminent Victory For Biafrans

I have come to realise that persecution is a sign that one is on the right track. Your enemies aren't sleeping nor slumbering and must persecute you in order to truncate your blessings and targets.

IPOB members have suffered all manner of inhuman treatment in the hands of Nigerian security apparatus. The murderous Nigerian security operatives have killed, molested and tried to imbibe fear in IPOB members.

When you are approaching the climax of whatever you do in life, be ready to fight to finish because that is when the enemy will come harder. Agents of darkness will try to overshadow your light, they'll form a big barrier to retard your movements in all directions, your level of tenacity will determine whether you will come out victorious.

The increased clampdown on Indigenous People of Biafra is a sign of victory for IPOB. If IPOB is inconsequential, no one will take her seriously. IPOB has become not only a pressure group but also a political force that can declare election boycott in such a place as Anambra and the sitting Governor is peeing in his pants.

The current clampdown of IPOB will not deter her resolve to restore Biafra, rather it will convince non-fanatic ones to be more determined and fearless. These killings won't stop the sun from rising.

16th August 2017 was a black Wednesday for Indigenous People of Biafra. There was bad news from Imo to Anambra state.

In Imo state, eleven IPOB members were arrested and taken to Imo state Criminal Investigation Department, CID. These innocent IPOB members were arrested because they were selling and buying Biafran stickers, shirts, bangles and caps.

What has selling a t-shirt got to do with criminality? Which part of Nigeria's or international laws were violated by this gentlemen and ladies?

To make the matter more worrisome, when other people went to bail them from state CID, their application for bail was denied by the Oga-at-top. Till as of the time of writing this article, these innocent citizens are still in police custody.

Imo state case is totally different from what happened in Anambra on the same 16th August. In Anambra, the combined team of police and other sister security agents massacred IPOB members in Ekwulobia, Aguata LGA. Three IPOB members were killed, women molested; stripped naked, goods worth more than thousands of dollars were destroyed; burnt to ashes and more than five were also injured.

IPOB members left their houses on that fateful morning to welcome Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra who was to come to the area for a scheduled visit, some of these innocent men and women didn't make it back to their homes. They were slaughtered like Sallah ram.

For how long shall they kill peaceful people? It is a question begging for an answer.

These same security officers killing innocent men are very impotent in the face of BokoHaram terrorists. Boko Haram has sacked many villages, killed thousands in the north east of Nigeria and has successfully done that unchallenged. Boko haram has continued to marry Nigerian army, police, navy, air force and civil defence like wives and these murderous Nigerian security guards have remained loyal to ISIS affiliated Bokoharam.

IPOB should not be deterred in these persecutions, the restoration of Biafra Republic is more close than we can envisage. The Nigerian government is doing her worst to try to disorganise, dislodge and disorient the IPOB’s peaceful modus operandi but they have failed woefully.

We continue to call on international communities to prevail on this Biafra issue and pressure the Nigerian government to desist from killing dissent voices. The beauty of democracy is opposition and dissenting tunes. Everyone can not reason in the same direction at the same time, some will like to try something new. Nigeria has lived for 103 wasted years, so it is the duty of sane minds to articulate and form a formidable force that will usher in prosperous new nations from the ashes of dead Nigeria.

Amnesty International and Transparency International should investigate the current Ekwulobia shooting and immediately call for the prosecution of parties involved in killings.

Every sane mind should rise up and condemn the killings of peaceful IPOB members, it could be anyone: your brother, sister, father or mother. Do not rejoice to the killings, show some empathy and love to these bereaved families who lost their loved ones to the struggle they believed in and definitely the world shall be a better place for us.

May Chukwu Okike (God the creator) heal those injured in Ekwulobia and other parts of Biafra land.

Biafrans, we should take heart and keep-on keeping-on for according to the bible that was brought to us by Europeans, Christ himself suffered persecution about thousand years ago and today every Christian cherishes the man of Calvary. Other Nations will cherish Biafra in no distance time. All hail Biafra!

Chinedu Solomon
For IPOB Writers.
Published by Jonas Rafeal


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