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All Roads Lead To Ekwulobia On Sunday, The 20th Of August 2017

The long awaited Ekwulobia “No Referendum, No Election” rally has been rescheduled to hold on 20th August 2017. According to the information at our disposal, the date was shifted before the August 16th incident but due to communication gap, the members weren't properly informed.

The leadership of the Indigenous people of Biafra championed by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu had on Wednesday issued a directive urging all IPOB members within Biafraland and within the zoo to head straight to Ekwulobia on Sunday the 20th August 2017.

This is a distress call and should be treated as such. Anambra election boycott can form a pivot of Biafra struggle. Every revolution has its starting point and the effects will spread across accordingly.

Though we are being killed by the trigger-happy Nigerian security agents, we must remain fearless in the face of our enemies.

Like buffaloes, if we scatter in different directions, the enemy will dissipate us but when we are together, enemy forces (Obiano and Nigerian Security Operatives) run out of ideas and become disorientated.

We must stand together with our leader for this clarion call, desperate times require desperate attention. Anambra is a focus, for now, we must overcome forces of darkness or we go extinct.

Obiano may have taken our peaceful approach as cowardice, we must teach him that we are peaceful and as well powerful. Our power lies in numbers.

Willy Willy can not murder us all, and every single Binafran blood he spills is a debt payable in due time.

Let us all go to Ekwulobia and preach the gospel of Biafra restoration and as well sympathise with our brothers and sisters who sustained various injuries in yesterday's incident. Our presence can ease their pains.

In all, we should remember our age decade motto: “Onuru Ube Nwanne ya agbakwana oso” meaning, “be your brother's keeper”

All roads lead to Ekwulobia!
Ekwulobia 2017!
No referendum, No elections!
Ndi Anambra Ndewo nu!
All hail Biafra!

Chinedu Solomon
For IPOB Writers
Published by Jonas Rafeal


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