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A Must Read: The Significance Of The Symbolic Gift Given To Kanu By Sam Mbakwe’s Family

IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu visits late Sir Mbakwe's family

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu reportedly visited the family of late Mazi Sam Mbakwe, the former Governor of Imo state in old Eastern region on 21st August, 2017.

According to reports, the family welcomed Kanu with smiles in joyful atmosphere from the whole of their hearts.

In that visit, the wife of late Mazi Sam Mbakwe, Mrs. Victoria Mbakwe prayed and gave blessings to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to continue to fight for the Igbo people and Biafrans at large and to never allow darkness to overshadow light.

Something historic, remarkable and astonishing happened on that particular 21st day of August, 2017. The family presented an aged long wine to Nnamdi Kanu.

The family of Mbakwe said that when Mbakwe was alive, he kept a wine bottle that must be given to any person who shared Mbakwe’s aspirations to the emancipation of Biafrans from Nigeria shackles.

This wine has stayed for over 40 years in the house of Dede Sam Mbakwe. Nobody has merited the Symbolic meaning of the gift until the coming of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

Before enumerating the Symbolic meaning of the gift of wine from Mbakwe, let's recall the memories of this great sage, Mazi Sam Mbakwe and his good vision for Biafrans.

Samuel "Sam" Onunaka Mbakwe was a great Igbo politician and governor of Imo State, southern Nigeria from 1st October, 1979 to 31st December, 1983.

For the record of history, the new generation Biafrans who might have heard of great works of Mazi Sam Mbakwe never knew that Buhari the dictator jailed Mbakwe and his wife.

Sam Mbakwe was jailed by Buhari's junta for standing against the overthrow of Shagari and abolition of the constitution/rule of law. Buhari proceeded after his arrest by arresting his wife.

A little record of what transpired: “Mbakwe joined the Constituent Assembly in 1978 and became governor on October 1 of the next year. One of the main priorities of his administration was to improve Imo State's roads. He was reelected, but his second term was interrupted by General Muhammadu Buhari's military coup of December 31, 1983, which brought about the end of the Second Republic. Described as "controversial," he said the following about politicians in September 1995: "If you have not been in prison before, that will be your baptism and qualification. You will learn from the prison yard that not all those in detention are criminals."

When Mazi Sam Mbakwe started building Eastern Data Processing Center in Imo state of which would have been greater than today ICT, Buhari was among the member of military council who orchestrated the dismantling of the mainframe computers from Imo state Data Centre to Ahmadu Bello University.

According to Chu Okongwu’s words: “Immediately there was dispatched to East-Central State a mandatory pro-consul in the person of the late Colonel Anthony Aboki Ochefu. His assignment: the dismantling of the East-Central state. Colonel Ochefu dismantled the public service of East Central state.

“For good measure he declared that the mainframe computer of the Eastern Data Processing Center was unnecessary madness, beyond the needs and interests of the state. It was summarily dismantled and relocated to the Ahmadu Bello University where it found a necessary sane and needful home. Everybody in East Central state, except Col Ochefu, elements of the army of occupation and their touts, was a thief; the hounding campaign was underway. Cheer leaders and Coryphaei were not wanting in East-Central State.” Buhari was a member of the Supreme Military Council of that regime in 1975.

“The same scenario played out following the December 31, 1983 coup at which Buhari was head. A little drama played out in Owerri when, according to close associates of the late Governor Sam Mbakwe, he held out at the Governor’s lodge, Owerri, prepared to call out a mass demonstration starting with street protests from Aba to resist the coup, until he was finally persuaded to give up that move. Buhari appointed his own proconsul, in the person of the then Brigadier Ike Nwachuwku. Again, his assignment: dismantle the gains made in Imo under Mbakwe. Ike Nwachukwu’s first declaration, under what he called the “Imo Formula” was to dismantle all the 42 industrial installations embarked upon by Sam Mbakwe, which were at various stages of development, and to which financial commitments had been entered.

It is crystal clear to even an individual with impaired vision that the Late Mazi Sam Mbakwe and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu have something in common - standing against tyranny and fighting for the welfare of their people.

That Symbolic wine would have been broken into pieces if it was given to Ohaneze Indi-Oshi na Ndi-Ama. Sam Mbakwe would have risen from the grave and slap the hell out of his family if they had given that wine to Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo state or saboteur Uwazurike.
Edozie Mazi
Though it was just a 40 year old wine, its significance and importance cannot be overemphasised. It shows the reincarnation of Mazi Mbakwe in Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

Mbakwe’s plan for old Eastern region must be accomplished by Nnamdi Kanu, it is not just about the wine but the task that goes with it.

Mbakwe made the preparation of the gift before handing it over to his family and the preparation of gift is also called the “offertory,” and it assumed great importance in the early church.

The spiritual undertone of that wine is like a covenant, that whosoever that must receive that wine must complete the good works started by Dede Sam Mbakwe.

The question is: “is Nnamdi Kanu equal to the task?” your positive guess is as good as mine.

Kanu has been proven to be equal to the task, he loves Igbos and other Biafrans like Sam Mbakwe did, he is fighting tyranny like Mbakwe did and he stands for the development of the old Eastern region like Mbakwe did.

Dede Mbakwe will be very happy wherever he is, his soul will rest in peace because the dreams he had for the future would be accomplished by another pro-Old Eastern region, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

I kindly suggest that Kanu should keep that wine as a Symbolic and historic gift that would be transferred to the next generation.

We love late Dede Sam Mbakwe and Our living hero, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Long live old Eastern region, long live Biafrans in diaspora and long live Republic of Biafra.

Chinedu Solomon
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