Friday 20 April 2018 

IPOB PRESS RELEASE: “DSS, APC, Concocts Fake News Against IPOB Using Fake Monarch” – IPOB

The leadership and family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide view the fabricated and fake statement credited to one non existent local chief claiming to be a traditional ruler of an autonomous community in Mbaise Imo State as a failed attempt to poison the minds of Biafrans and deflect their attention away from seeking their freedom from Nigeria. The truth of the matter is that the alleged traditional ruler from Mbaise Eze Nwabueze Nnadi Ezewuiro (Agaba Idu 1) quoted in the publication does not exist. There is no traditional ruler or person of interest from Mbaise residing in Calabar going by the name Nwabueze Nnadi Ezewuiro. This is another agent provocateur publication in the mold of the equally fake 'Okwudili' the non-existent, phantom Biafra 'leader', designed to mislead the masses into thinking that certain Igbo traditional rulers are against the current IPOB led agitation Biafra independence. Nothing could be further from the truth, in fact it is a black lie.

It is highly unethical for a national publication to facilitate the dissemination of what in essence a fake news, all in an effort to weaken IPOB or test the resolve of our global followership. The article which was carried by Nation newspaper under the headline "Igbo Monaco rejects Biafra says secession agitation a fraud" of April 14, 2018 was calculated and designed to impugn the integrity of the struggle for Biafra liberation championed by IPOB and led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Biafrans are advised to ignore and discountenance this unfounded publications and similar ones in the future from those with vested interest in the continued existence of this giant colonial fraud called Nigeria.

Findings by IPOB intelligence unit and family members in and around the five communities that make up Mbaise have conclusively determined that nobody with the name Eze Nwabueze Soronnadi Ezewuiro (Agaba Idu 1) ever existed, talk less of being crowned a traditional ruler. We know that DSS, APC government and those that have corruptly benefited from the misery of the Nigerian masses are behind this fabrication because they are terrified of the giant strides IPOB is making to restore Biafra and afraid of losing their ill gotten wealth deceptively accumulated over years at the expense of the well being of the masses.

Those behind this fabrication must know that Biafrans are highly intelligent people and internationally proven to be the most intelligent race in the black world. Therefore, these kindergarten lies peddled by enemies of Biafra freedom will never hold water or gain any traction.

It is quite unfortunate that DSS along with their APC regime and the support of Nnia Nwodo the embattled leader of Ohaneze Ndigbo, would unethically concoct such a fraudulent press statement with a fake name just to deceive the public. It is now very clear to all that IPOB remains the potent force it has always been despite the horrors of Operation Python Dance and the illegal abduction of our leader hence the concerted effort to degrade our movement through smear campaigns and outright lies. Our mission remains the same, total and absolute dissolution of Nigeria. We will not rest until the name Nigeria is eradicated from history books and completely abolished. Nigeria in its relatively short existence has brought nothing but untold misery, premature death to millions of people and bred a class of poorly educated ravenous individuals that knows the price of everything but the value of nothing.
Nothing can stop IPOB, not even if heaven falls to earth. Biafra must be restored.

Tuesday 17 April 2018 

Biafra: My Open Letter To Okechukwu Isiguzoro Of OHANAEZE Ndi-Igbo Youth Wing And Partners!  [Part 1]

Okechukwu Isiguzoro -  Ohanaeze Youth Wing 

Note: Before You Install Another President general Of OHANAEZE NDI-IGBO!-Listen!

Author: Alex C. Okeke
FOR: IPOB Writers Press

Dear Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro, it is my humblest desire that anybody who decides to use the interest of the rest of Ndi-Igbo for  personal franchise be disgraced out of domain with utter rapidity! It is also my humble desire that we do not go from frying Pan to fire in the choiced replacement of same person with another of higher despiration to foist or impose individual and personal opinion on the larger population of Great NDI-IGBO.

I have personal reservations on your speed of appointing another person on the 18th of April, 2018, without due consultation from the general population of NDI-IGBO. Your rush is suspicious so also is your chosen platform (Douglas house,), IMO state, under Okorocha of APC. My dear brother, you must take it easy firstly and reason with us!

We have not a singular and official profile of these selected replacement for the rejected Mazi John Nnia Nwodo (The Northern errand slave boy). We must make an endorsement of whoever must steer the office of the OHANAEZE Great NDI-IGBO before you go ahead and enthrone same in order that you do not take the larger blame when the roasting must begin! The leadership antecedents of these fellows must be unveiled for larger scrutiny and the people allowed to make revelations over what they feel!

We must chose the venue for the election and endorsement of same person! Your choice of the Douglas house IMO state under Rocha's Okorocha of APC is clearly suspicious and generally objectionable! In as much as you may argue that wherever it is across IGBO land in Biafra is unarguably ours, I wish to let you know that we must investigate properly to avert any trace of politicization of the chosen venue. We must not do things again that shall expose the OHANAEZE Great NDI-IGBO to the criminal political bandwagons across Igbo part of Biafraland.


1) Appoint an interim administration into the fold of OHANAEZE NDI-IGBO and suspend your date of 18th of April, 2018.

2) Subject the chosen individuals to online poll and cross examination using the Radio BIAFRA London Facebook Page(RBL).

3)vOnly who passes the online poll of cross examination shall stand the chance of taking the appointment.

4) We shall from the moment of this cross examination quit admitting anymore followers into the platform.

5) If the three individuals shortlisted fail the cross examination by Biafrans via the forum, they shall stand down and we the Igbo Biafrans shall appoint whoever we desire as our own President of OHANAEZE NDI-IGBO.

6) You must go ahead and tell us other outcomes of the investigation carried out on the person of Mazi John Nnia Nwodo.

7) We the masses shall administer the person the oath of office prior to enthronement!

8) The individuals shall stand down immediately their personal convictions become in their stance, stronger than the opinion of the rest of IGBO Biafrans.

10) He must first be any individual with no active involvement in the politics of Nigeria.

11) He must stand with the Igbo interest in every circumstances

12) They shall attend a debate to be organized by the Great NDI-IGBO before the final enthronement

Your trio of Prince Richard Ozobu, Sir OAU Onyema, Prof Eche Ugwu are hereby advised to do their best to make their personal profiles available for proper scrutiny!

Thank you as you make haste to go online and make their profiles known!!!
Sunday 15 April 2018 

Biafra: Why Loathsome Binta Nyako Must Be Ignored By All Biafrans

Justice Binta Nyako And Mazi Nnamdi Kanu 

"I am tired of hearing your voices"-Binta Nyako to IPOB counsels

AUTHOR: Alex C. Okeke
FOR:IPOB Writers Press

In what seemed like an easing of burden by the Justice Binta Nyako of the federal high court of Nigeria sitting in Abuja the federal capital territory of Nigeria, during the hearing of the court proceedings on bail application on behalf of Mazi Benjamin Madubugwu, Mazi David Nwawuisi, Mazi Chidiebere Onwudiwe and Mazi Bright Chimezie, the Biafra activists, Justice Binta Nyako exclaimed "I am tired of hearing your voices", while she addressed IPOB's defense counsel, Barr. Igwe on the course of defense during proceedings.

While some journalists from some quarters found this little exclamation and hate speech disgusting and unexpected, I am contrarily unperturbed and unshaken! Binta Nyako is Fulani for God's sake, a kin to the illiterate president of Nigeria(Muhammad Buhari), her siblings are often on rampage killing people across the length and breath of Nigeria and across other parts of West Africa with impunity!

Binta Nyako has yet to make any statement nor is there any traceable to her in which she made any condemnation of the Fulani conspiracy and unprovoked massacre across Nigeria! Blood cannot lie! A snake does not give birth to anything short! Binta Nyako, like her kins, does not place any value or premium on the human life! The universal sanctity of human life is very much  an aberration to the culture and tradition of the very vindictive, sadistic, criminal, denigrate and low-life and Bavarian vampires and morons known as Fulanis

Justice Binta Nyako 

Like the rest of Fulanis, the savages and zombies of twenty-first century, Binta Nyako should not be condemned for saying the obvious about how disgusting the voices of fellow humans are to her ears! Fulanis in all testament hate to hear the voices of humans and this is more reason why the observing World, the UN, the EU, the AU and ECOWAS must rise to the occasion and help save humans (Great Biafrans) from the rest of this bloodthirsty Vampires so-called Fulanis and Binta Nyako.

I also wonder why people would keep wondering at her utterances in the Abuja court, precisely at the court four (4) chambers during proceedings, knowing fully well that Binta Nyako can only come into the legal discipline, through the Fulani enthroned and abused quota-system! Which law school would have granted a denigrate of her calibre with legal certificate to practice?? Like Buhari, the illiterate president of Nigeria, who upon ascension into office as the President of Nigeria on demand presented NEPA Bills as his school certificate!

I strongly believe that much revelations would be made to the amazement of all and sundry if Binta Nyako is requested to present her certificate of practice for proper scrutiny! We have seen too much of dramatic scenes in Nigeria, especially under the current Fulani dictatorship of Muhammadu Buhari, that we should quit losing sleep when mere utterances are dished out, no matter how badly we feel of the hate speeches! Do we chose the current trend of killing by Fulani over hate speeches? I believe the 'NO' shall have the majority!

I believe this should serve as more warnings to the rest of complacent international organizations, responsible for the protection of the rights of endangered human population Worldwide. Like Buhari and any other Fulani and Binta Nyako, we Biafrans are hated with unprovoked but deep animosity by all the Fulanis!

I stand to be corrected, and as an ardent observer of the history of Fulani genocide and ethnic cleansing in Nigeria on this my observation. HAS ANY CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY OF FULANIS EVER CONDEMNED THE RAMPAGING FULANIS ANYWHERE IN NIGERIA????

Even as you ponder on the question above, remember that nothing can quit any people of their organic ways of life!

To justice Binta Nyako, remember that we have no business with you except that you do the needful, which is let Biafrans  go!!!!
Our resolve for freedom is not a treasonable offence!
Freedom for Biafra is a must that can never be thwarted by your conspiracy!