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Biafra: Anambra Election boycott: "I Will Show Nnamdi Kanu Am From Aguleri" - The Most Demented, Unreasonable Speech

Family of late Sir Mbakwe welcomes IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

 This is an unreasonable statement ever made by any Igbo Biafran because it is very open to  every Igbo Biafran that we are all from Aguleri, and it is laughable for a drunkard like Obiano to boast that he will deal with Nnamdi Kanu - a man  that controls over 80million people.

Obiano, the so called executive governor of Anambra state has never dealt with the Nigerian military /police that massacred thousands of Biafrans in the state he is governing:

He has neither dealt decisively with those that killed IPOB members at head bridge nor courageously dealt with those that shot IPOB members at saint Edmund Catholic church Nkpor. He has not brought to justice those military men that killed Anambra IPOB members at Eke Nkpor on May 30th 2016.

It's clear that Obiano is really high on some cheap drugs. He feels angry because Nnamdi Kanu  just said "no election". He should be thanking God that Nnamdi Kanu has never commanded IPOB youths. He (Obiano) would have gone to exile. Then he would understand that everyone in Anambra state is very angry with him and we are just keeping calm for the sake of Nnamdi Kanu.

But should anything happen to Nnamdi Kanu, Obiano will never know what hit him.

Obviously, it is about Obiano's interest in becoming the Governor of Anambra state not about the welfare of Anambrians, it is not about the wellbeing of the families that are mourning for their beloved ones killed by Obiano's boys.

If any of Obiano's children was among those killed by the Nigerian military, then Obiano would have understood how it feels like to lose a child.

Let Obiano get ready to deal with all IPOB members in over 120 Countries of the world. Let Obiano prepare for another genocide as he has been sent by his pay-master, "Robotic" Muhammad Buhari. As we await the threat of dealing with over 80million IPOB members by drunkard Willie Obiano, he should answer these few questions: Has any governor from the North ever threatened to deal with Yerima Shettima that gave the Igbos living in the North quit notice? How many Northern governors have allowed army to kill their youths who were protesting?

Willie Obiano should be getting ready to go to exile for life because it is about time for IPOB to deal with him decisively.

Prince Chinonso Jacob
For IPOB writers


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