| Saturday, July 29, 2017 | 22:30 CET

Poetic Justice: Light of the Yellow Sun

The light shineth like
A rainbow in the sky
Radiating its beautiful colors
As a sign of God’s love
To his people
To hug no flood
In death

Today, the light
Has cast its shadows
Upon the earth
From the East
To the North
Down to the West
Now everyone can see
And speak of its rays

This is another kiss
of God on Earth
To unify His people
In one hymn of praise
And worship
To be known
And called His own

If still in dark and doubt
Wake up and have a glimpse
of its rays
Spreading day by day
Overshadowing the darkness
that harbours
the chosen ones

This is to be known
And be aware of
When hosting a choice
To be wise for safety
Now that the rays of the sun scan through
To see all the defects
Of darkness

The skeleton
ought to be checked
If really infected
To be administered
With full prescription
Of all the atrocities
Inserted in the syringe
To be injected 
As a good night rest
In the pit of hell

Kudos to the one
That began the move
To spread the gospel 
Of light
And preached of its beauty
That invoked the spirit of the oppressed
In darkness 
To see the light
The Light of Biafra
Land of the Rising Sun!

All hail Biafra

Written by: Onyebuchi Eucharia,
For IPOB writers


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