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Between Biafrans And Hausa-Fulani, Who Are Beating The Drums Of War?


It is always said that the minds of evil doers hurt the most when caught and called upon for a peaceful co-existence.

Our attention has been drawn to the deceitful & ignoramus statement Hausa-Fulani elders made - that the Indigenous People of Biafra known as (IPOB) are calling for war. How can people who call themselves responsible elders from the Northern part of Nigeria begin to infuse this type of irrational statement to the public? Does it mean that none of the northern elders know the meaning of self-determination?  Are they truly educated illiterates as some folks call them?  What kind of daft are they that all of them are echoing that Biafrans are singing songs of war whereas we IPOB are actually calling for referendum through our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu? This is very laughable indeed!

However, the way people act or assume ignorance about self-determination which is one of the UN resolutions upon which every country is beckoned and Nigeria is not excluded.

Please permit me to recount and compare some few speeches and actions taken by Biafrans and Hausa-Fulani, so as to find out who is calling for war and thereafter, we can separate facts from fictions :

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, said, "We(Biafrans) don't need Nigeria anymore because its creation was through deceit and lies, and my people are marginalized, subjugated and massacred by Hausa-Fulani and their Yoruba accomplice".

But Northerners called it hate speech and got him arrested and unlawfully imprisoned for two years.

Meanwhile, President Buhari, after he was elected and sworn into office, said that he would not be expected to treat people who gave him 95% vote the same way he would treat those who only gave him 5%. And he is hell-bent on doing it and nobody condemns the evil act. Tell me who is calling for war in the two scenarios above.

Biafrans are agitating against the unfair treatments meted on them  in the Nigerian State and as a result, they are calling for a Biafran state but instead of treating them fairly in a supposed democracy, they are arrested, molested and shot to death by Nigerian combined military forces.

They(Biafrans) are accused of constituting national security threat, labelled terrorists and all sorts of names; whilst the Northerners who do similar agitation for one favours or the other are guided and protected by the federal government through same combined military forces. Then the question comes: who is calling for war?

IPOB through Nnamdi Kanu called for a sit-at-home exercise in honor of our fallen heroes and heroines. The Northern elders have called on the Nigerian government to rearrest Nnamdi kanu for honoring Biafra's heroes. They have equally accused him of violating their concocted bail conditions.

Consequentially, the Northern youths backed by their elders have recklessly given a 3 month ultimatum for Igbos to vacate the North peacefully or be evicted forcefully but such recklessness has not been seen as a crime; police made a move to arrest the youths but they threatened police not to arrest any youth if not Nizooria would break loose.  Who is calling for war?

Fulani herdsmen have been committing genocides in different parts of Biafra land. The police and the army have not arrested any of them till date. But IPOB`s agitation over this evil is termed treason. Who is calling for war?

Biafran Christians in Southern Kaduna have been massacred in their thousands by Buhari`s kinsmen (Hausa-Fulani herdsmen), and the Nigerian government led by Muhammadu Buhari and his cohorts have done nothing about it till date. Even when men of God speak that such is evil, they come under attack by the Nigerian government through DSS. Who is calling for war?

Northerners have adopted a custom of burning markets,  shops & properties largely belonging to Biafrans in the North for no just cause and the government will say nothing about it. And when Biafrans agitate against it they will be used as sacrificial lambs for the continued so-called unity of the country. Who is calling for war?

Talking about the last Nigerian budget signed by the Acting President Yemi Osinbajo recently. Among all the zones in Nigeria, the old eastern part received the smallest federal government allocations, which is a deliberate move in the implementation of Buhari's  95%/5% governance formula.

It is a wickedly act that the resources Nigeria is feeding on come from the old eastern part of Nigeria but the northern part receives the largest share. Then comes the question, "who is calling for war?"
Peace Edo Williams
Successful Biafran businessmen (eg. Innoson, Ubah, Ibeto etc) are being hurt & intimidated every day and some are being denied License to Operate for no just cause while Northerners are being promoted and are even given some incentives from government for wider growth. Who is calling for war?

Boko Haram which has rendered many homes useless was seen by Buhari to be "Nigerians' brothers and sisters who are just erring". Hence when they are caught, not even handcuffs are seen on them rather they are petted and their exchange with the so-called chibok-girls fraud would be quickly negotiated.

When they are freed, simply because they are Buhari's fellow religious fanatics and his bombing-machine kinsmen, some are reinstalled into the military to continue to aid terrorism through being accomplices while others join their compatriots in terrorising the masses.

But Nnamdi Kanu, who called for the freedom of his people without guns, bullets nor bombs, was arrested, molested, humiliated and incarcerated for almost two years.

His people were killed by the military like fowls just because he called for the emancipation of his people from the contraption called Nigeria without even a gun. Then, who is calling for war?

Truly, there is something the Northerners (Hausa-Fulani) are not telling the public directly which am about to point out clearly. The Northerners are the ones planning and singing songs of war against Biafrans. Their actions and statements are very obvious about this war.

However, this is how they (Hausa-Fulani) started the killings of Biafrans in 1943 through 1945, 1957, 1966 till date in the Northern States of Nigeria - they propagate their falsehood statements and then start their massive pogrom.

We(Biafrans) are not surprised about their actions because we do know that it is a generational ignorance they inherited from their slave master, Britain. Hence to always humiliate, subjugate, kill, rape, maim or wipe out Biafrans is seasonal ritual.

Therefore, we IPOB want to make it clear to them and the whole world that this kill-them-all script handed to Hausa-Fulani by their slave master, Britain, against Biafrans, will not work in this 21st century.
They can not deceive the world again through their conspiracies.

Because for some days now the British Armed Forces have been in Nigeria planning and directing Hausa-Fulani on how to incite commotion, unleash pogrom on Biafrans and still blame them before the whole world, but our pal candle lights are keenly directed on them with their slave master, Britain.

Therefore, IPOB families are putting the whole world on notice that what we(Biafrans) are calling for is REFERENDUM which UN will preside over and  NOT WAR.  We want the Republic of Biafra simple. And we will achieve that through civil disobedience which is internationally recommended for self-determination purposes. We do so to show that everything about the Nigerian State is no longer in our interest.

In addition, we are calling on world leaders to caution the Nigerian government and the Northern elders about their war plans against Biafrans.  For Biafrans will never, I repeat will never tolerate any barbaric behaviors from them.

By Onyekachi M Ogbonnia

Co-edited by Engr. M. Nwachukwu & O. E Williams


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