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Vice President of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osibanjo

With great honor I salute your courage and strength to carry on the affairs of this country as the acting president. This letter is in respect to the meeting you had with the 36 governors of the federation, which outlined that the government and elders have agreed that Nigeria’s unity is not negotiable and would do everything to keep Nigeria united.

As an acting president, holding a meeting with the 36 states governors and the elders of the land to decide the fate of Nigeria in these present agitations emanating from all regions of the country, was a good action. But then, Mr. Acting President both you and the 36 governors failed to consider the fact that the government you run is a democratic one.

 A democratic government is a government of the people, by the people and for the people. This means that in every affair of the government, people’s interest should surpass the interest of the few elders or governors whose decisions and actions may not be in the interest of the people, especially, when placed with the face of the state they govern.

It is also worthy of note that a democratic government is where people have freedom of speech or rights to air their views, opinions as well as be heard by the government.

It is also a government where people have the right for self- determination such as fully backed by the law, hence, governors, elders should truly represent the interest of the people.

Mr. Acting President, with the state of affairs as seen lately, I hope the present government is not planning to turn into an autocratic government that will force the agreed decision on the people, using every available armed force to compel the people to abide by the decision, even when it comes at the expense of people's lives and futures.

But in order not to work against democracy, I want to proffer a solution to the dilemma which the government appears to have ventured into. That solution is referendum.

Yes of course a referendum will bring a lasting solution to Nigeria's present problem.  A referendum is designed for this kind of emergency. The confederation or restructuring theory some people are clamouring for can not help at this juncture.

For instant, if Nigeria will go for a confederation, is she going to go back to the three regional structures as created by colonial masters? If no, how then will Nigeria be confederated, how many regions in Nigeria of today will not like to control their affairs and resources? And how many will still like to maintain one Nigeria that has never been one ever since the campaign of 1960s?

If we are to go to restructuring of Nigeria, will it begin with the relocation of Nigeria's capital and other major governmental structures to Biafra land?

Or will it begin with restructuring the minds of those graduates who have stayed up to fifteen years without jobs and are still being fed by their aged parents? What about the frustrated youths that roam about the streets engaging in one crime or the other? What about the citizens that have no medical attention or money to offset medical bills?

What about the resources from Biafra used to develop other parts of Nigeria, leaving Biafra land in a mess?

Maybe you will start with  those children who have no food or opportunity to go to school

Or the restructuring will start with individual brains of Nigerians whose bloods are filled with tribal hate, nepotism, religious violence to such extent that the killing of Biafrans is already a seasonal ritual for them. Or it will start with Nigerian politicians, VIPs, treasury looters who are above the law.

So, Mr. Acting President, It is obvious that the above two options will not solve the Nigerian problem except a referendum is organised, where people’s opinions are sought and viewed through voting.

This referendum is the only option to a lasting peace because people are fed up with the country and at this point, Mr. Acting President, there is no more time to treat the people whose hearts are soaked in sorrows; whose vote of no confidence in Nigeria's government is distinct; and whose loss of temper in Nigeria's ill-conceived amalgamation is already evident and ready to implode at no distant time.

I want to advise that this is not the time to issue blames on who denied the people a good life nor is it a time to arrest those who stole from the people.  But it is a time for some diplomatic decision and follow-up action because as an academic professor that you are, the world's eyes are on you looking to see if you will take this fruitful decision of conducting a referendum that will yield a lasting solution to this lingering disunity.

I advise you to act as a true democratic Acting president who understands the present state of the country and courageously call for a referendum because it is only referendum that shows true democracy, which gives the people opportunity to express their opinion and to determine their fate as a people.

Edited by O. E Williams
For IPOB Writers



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  1. All Osinbajo is doing is to please the British government, Barrack Hussein Obama, Hausa-Fulani as well as his fellow Yoruba nothing else! The fact is the fake fraudulent British experimented Nigeria has expired. Biafra are leaving and there is nothing Osinbanjo and some Biafrans who have sold their birth rights can do about it. Biafra Land of the Rising Sun is here to stay! God Bless Nnamdi Kanu, God Bless Biafra and the people of Biafra!!!


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