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BIAFRA: IPOB Alerts UN, EU, AU, ECOWAS on Nigerian Government's Secret Arms Buildup, Military Training in Pakistan to wage war on Biafra

UN Security Council during a voting session

By Mazi Onyebuchi Eze

As the quest for Biafra referendum is gaining a serious international attention and voracious internal momentum because Biafrans all over the world have vowed that nothing can stop the restoration of Biafra this time around, it is important to let the world know that Nigeria government is seriously making secret arms build up and sending thousands of soldiers to Pakistan in preparation to commit another genocide in Biafra land.

The United Nations, European Union, African Union and ECOWAS are by this publication being duly notified that Nigeria government may begin another genocide on Biafrans any moment from today because it has completed the arms build up and military training which it has been obtaining with false claims that it was being done to combat terrorism in Nigeria whereas it is purely in preparation to be used in waging another genocidal war against Biafrans. As it is at the moment, British Air Force is already on ground awaiting command in order to begin the process of the genocide on Biafrans.

However, it is important for the world at large to be aware that Biafrans are not ready to give up Biafra restoration struggle because of a mere intimidation inherent from the Nigerian government arms build up and mass military training in Pakistan or the intimidating presence of the British Air Force which is combat ready to wipe out Biafrans. Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the Supreme command of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (De Great) want to notify the UN, EU, AU and ECOWAS of imminent genocide coming on Biafrans from Nigeria government with the support of British government and terrorists infested Pakistan which can be averted by the International Community should they wade in now and compel Nigeria government to organize a referendum for Biafra without further delay because the delay is heating up the polity in West Africa.

It is important for the world to know that Biafrans are not interested in war on the road to restore Biafra's sovereignty, and that is why we continued being peaceful in the face of tyranny and all round provocations emanating from the Nigerian government sponsored massacre of Biafra in our home land by both Nigeria Armed Forces and Fulani terrorists called herdsmen.

Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the Supreme Command of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is still calling unto Nigeria government to respect the United Nations charter on the rights of Indigenous People which is the right to self-determination which it is a signatory to; by accepting to announce the date for the referendum of Biafra instead of wasting Nigeria government scarcely tax payers money to build up arms and sponsoring soldiers to Pakistan for training in preparation to commit genocide in Biafra land even when Nigerians are starving due to the accumulated unpaid salaries of workers of up to 10 months in some states in Nigeria.

By this, IPOB is calling on United Nations General Assembly which will have its general assembly in August this year to save a deteriorating situation in West Africa which is capable of sinking Africa as a whole into an avoidable crisis only if Biafra referendum can be conducted. Biafra restoration struggle is not and can never be a call for war against Nigeria government but a peaceful agitation for self-determination as it is the right of the people in the relevant international laws and conventions.

Should Nigeria government declare another genocidal war on peacefully agitating Biafrans, the world should serve as witness to Biafrans that we are solidly standing behind peace in our requisition for Biafra referendum and not campaigning for war against Nigeria government as Nigeria government has to be threatening war and ethnic cleansing on Biafrans should Biafrans refuse to drop the agitation for Biafra referendum. United Nations should this time around courageously look beyond its political ties with Nigeria government and compel Nigeria government to organize a referendum for Biafra so that peace will reign again in the world. Continuous holding on Biafra territory by force by Nigeria government is against the law of the human right of an indigenous people in the modern world unless Biafrans have been pushed back to the dark days of Roman Empire under the Supreme Emperor Nero of Rome.

Biafrans are now waiting for nothing but that the world should encourage Nigeria government to organize a referendum for Biafra without further delay so that peace will reign once again in the world. I rest my case and expect favourable response from the international community.

(This article was written by Onyebuchi Eze For Family Writers, First Published on Biafra Herald)



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