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Igbo Quit Notice: S/East Elders Reply Northerners, Urges Igbos to Come Back Home

Southeast elders holding a conference meeting on Igbos summit 

The South-East Elders Forum (SEEP) has broken its silence over the Arewa youths quit notice by warning the Igbo still remaining in the northern part of the country to see themselves as taking a big gamble with their lives if they fail to read the handwriting on the wall and come back home immediately before the October 1 deadline.

The apex organization of Igbo elders issued the warning in a press release issued by the convener of the forum, Dr Dozie Ikedife, in Nnewi, Anambra State, yesterday and made available to newsmen.
The forum said that in the light of the strong endorsement of the pronouncement of the Arewa youths by Professor Ango Abdullahi, the spokesman of the Northern Elders Forum, the quit notice should be seen as the tip of the iceberg of a well thought out plan, no matter the contrary statements which some of the northern leaders might have made afterwards.

SEEF leadership noted that despite the order for the arrest of the originators of the quit notice and calls by other notable voices in the north for the same, none of the well-known individuals who signed the quit notice had yet been apprehended.
Even if they were to be arrested today, this would make no difference as plans had already been concluded to evict Igbo from the north.

“The anger and mood of the youths and elders of the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) was because the Igbo remembered their lost relatives in the genocidal war fought against them. And may be, they didn’t get the opportunity to ask the law enforcement agents to massacre those who did the remembrance. This may be the anger of the Arewa youths and their elders.

“Let it be said clearly, as it goes in Igbo adage, he who uses the gun, will also go by the gun and he who uses machete, will go by the machete. Anybody who raises a machete or gun against an innocent person will cut and shoot himself. This ultimatum to Ndigbo is not taken lightly.

We have digested it very well and we know the import and weight of the statement,” the forum said.
On the way forward, it suggested that the leadership of Ohanaeze, ACF, Afenifere and the leadership of other ethnic nationalities should engage themselves in a frank talk on how to co-exist as neighbours.

It said that the present elected governors and legislators could not fashion out solutions “because of obvious reasons of their political baggage” and reminded the Igbo in the North that nkwucha abughi ujo.

(This article was authored by David Onwuchekwa, Nnewi first published in the SunNews)


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