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Osinbajo's Fatal Error In His South-East Consultations  

With the recent threats from Northern Youths and the supportive agitations from their Elders calling for Igbos in the northern part of Nigeria to vacate the region on or before October 1st, 2017 or REFERENDUM to be allowed for them to decide their fate, consultations are being made by the federal government of Nigeria chaired by Acting President Prof. Yemi Osibanjo.

In its consultations, FG has deemed it prudent to engage leaders of thought in the south-east. According to FG, the leaders of thought could be elites with religious, political, social and/or traditional influences in the communities in Igbo-Biafran extraction.

Hence, Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo, traditional rulers and political office holders have been invited by the FG for a round table deliberation on the ongoing uncertainties caused by both Biafra agitation and the resultant northern youths' ultimatum with their elders support.

But in all the consultations, the FG has not deemed it necessary to add Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in its consultations.

Speaking to newsmen after the meeting on why Nnamdi Kanu was not included among the leaders of thought considered for consultations, the presidency through the Special Adviser to the President on Political Matters, Senator Babafemi Ojudu, said, "Well, the thing is that we were looking for leaders of the people, leaders of thought and we do not see him(Mazi Nnamdi Kanu) as a leader of thought in the East."

Clearly, FG has simply said that it is so blind that it can't  see that the ultimatum to vacate the North given to the Igbos residing in the North is a response to, first, the agitation for a Biafran state as championed by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and, secondly, the successful Sit-At-Home exercise ordered by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu right from prison, in remembrance of Biafra's Fallen Heroes as well as commemorate Biafra Golden   Anniversary, which exercise received a minimum of 95% compliance in the whole old Eastern States especially in the south-east.

To buttress their tiredness in coexisting with Igbos, recently, the Northern Elders Forum headed by Ango Abdullahi gave its unflinching support to its youths' ultimatum even though the youths seemed to have withdrawn their statement with regard to the chaos it is capable of erupting to in the country.

Although the youths feigned seriousness with their ultimatum withdrawal, today, they wrote a letter to the Acting President Yemi Osibanjo asking him to grant Igbos REFERENDUM because, from all indications, it is the only lasting solution to the troubled mixture of the oil and water called Nigeria.

They posited that the so-called Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo's and the political office holders' promise of calmness in the region was a wishful thinking and a waste of time as the so-called leaders might not be representing the people's opinion but theirs.

In part, their letter read "...Given the unrepentant antecedents exhibited by the Igbo as highlighted above, we strongly believe that the gruesome picture that the Biafran agitation represents is beyond a few people showcasing to Your Excellency that the Igbo will eventually heed the call for peace and desist from their dangerous campaign against Nigeria."

They continued: "The seed of hate planted in the name of Biafra is evidently so deep that the ongoing interaction between you and the leaders from the South East cannot in our well-informed opinion douse or address the underlying deep-seated  problems."

"...As if to prove this, barely hours after Your Excellency’s meeting with the South-East leaders, the Biafran Igbo openly disowned the leaders and dissociated themselves from the meeting."

Meanwhile, few days after the Kaduna Declaration, A Coalition of Niger Delta Agitators (CNDA) ordered northerners residing in the region to leave before October 1, 2017, or face the consequences. They declared their intention and preparedness to declare the sovereignty of Niger Delta come that Oct. 1st, 2017.

The coalition was made up of nine groups, including Niger Delta Warriors, Niger Delta Volunteers (NDV), Niger Delta Watchdogs (NDW), Niger Delta Peoples Fighters (NDPF), Bakassi Freedom Fighters (BFF), Niger Delta Movement for Justice (NDMJ), Niger Delta Fighters Network (NDFN), Niger Delta Freedom Mandate (NDFM) and Niger Delta Development Network (NDDN).

They later had a follow-up meeting and declared the following:

“All northerners living in Niger Delta have been given three months notice to quit the Niger Delta before October 1, 2017.

"We still stand by our previous decisions, and we demand the immediate return of oil blocks owned by northerners back to the Niger Delta people."

"All oil and gas companies operating in oil block(s)/well(s) illegally owned by northerners should also vacate such oil blocks/wells/plat-forms before October 1, 2017.

From all these ongoings, one should know that there is danger and intensified uncertainties in the country and the government should not be beating around the bush but should hit the nail on the head.

In my own opinion, FG is actually doing what an Igbo proverb calls "ihapu isi nku gworu odu ya aju". The federal government has unintelligently ignored the leader who shut down the whole of Biafran territories on 30th May 2017 but gone for those who do not have the mandate of the people. I think those consultations are an exercise in futility because the people of Biafra have chosen Nnamdi Kanu as their leader they trust.

The question I have for FG is: "Which of the religious, political, social and traditional leaders of thought consulted can order a shutdown of the Biafran territory and receive total compliance the way Nnamdi Kanu did?" The answer to the question is NONE.

What the federal government is doing is postponing the evil day, which in my opinion as well as Northern Youths Coalition's may pose a deadly risk to Nigerians.

What the federal government is doing is postponing the evil day, which in my opinion as well as Northern Youths Coalition's may pose a deadly risk to Nigerians.

The federal government of Nigeria should plan how to conduct a peaceful REFERENDUM to allow everyone decide where they want to belong, and by so doing avert imminent anarchy which will definitely take the lives of Nigerians.

FG should heed the calls for REFERENDUM and consult the right persons that have the acceptance of the people but refrain from demonstrating that Nigeria's existence as a single state is of greater priority than the lives of Nigerians.

If in an outbreak of war (God forbid) and Nigerians kill one another to preserve the unity of the country, and possibly destroy talented brains that can add value to the world, of what benefit is such?

Written by O. E Williams



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