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Biafran Political and Economic Strategy; How We Intend To Build a Working Nation

(c)  Biafrans gather on the European Square for the May 30th celebration

By Ken Pat

Let me start by stating that member states of Biafra from the Niger Delta region will be determined by referendum from the concerned parties, they'd decide whether to be part of Biafra or not. In which case, there'd be a willful inclusion of every region making up Biafra. 

This inclusion would be achieved by employing the quota system of governance - this is because Democracy is more likely to develop and endure when all segments of a society are free to participate and influence political outcomes without suffering bias or reprisal. Thus, it is necessary that we zone governance to regions par political dispensation, considering the fact that without zoning, the regions with the highest population will dominate governance causing others to feel marginalized. 

So far political dispensation of a region, all political parties are expected to present the most credible and competent candidates in their platform from that region. This will handle the case of political exclusion.

On the present Nigerian political class leading when Biafra is achieved, there's no possibility to that for these reasons;  Biafra will come as a new state with new sets of political leadership which would be drawn from the list of people who were relevant to the struggle. 

And since the present political leadership within the southeast will not risk their positions and future political ambitions in support of Biafra, we're left with a new breed of leaders who are currently uprising. 

The present politicians of the southeast will definitely have no say, let alone hijacking power in the Biafra that we seek because it is way too obvious that they've contributed nothing to the struggle, so on what grounds will they plead for votes? Should they think to rig as it is in Nigeria today, on what wheels will they drive it when virtually all the supports there are in southeast presently is rallied around Nnamdi Kanu?

The headsets the pace, If the president of a nation is somewhat competent, and disciplined, the governments under him, say state governments, etc will follow suit, though it might not be at the same pace, definitely not in an opposite direction. The head dictates where the body goes. This is to say that when Biafra comes with Nnamdi Kanu as president, every leader would have to follow his example, and from what we can see so far, his example is a good one - its true we can not judge a book by its cover, but we can most certainly judge by its few chapters.

In Biafra, there'd be diversification from the go. Oil will by natural cause have less attention as Igbos are already reverenced in commerce and innovation. Being aware of this great talent of ours already, I think every possible Biafran leader will make commerce and industrialization his priority. 

And when Industrialization is priority, processing of non-oil based natural resources will become the case, hence, there would be no need to export our natural resources and import it back as processed goods like other African countries, e.g Nigeria - this will boost the Biafran economy far more than that of the highest oil producing nation in the world. Today, Ivory Coast makes about $2.5billion from exporting cocoa to countries like Switzerland, whereas Switzerland makes about $30billion from exporting chocolate made from Cocoa. Do the math and tell me how much Ivory Coast would be making if they were processing their cocoa themselves. Biafra is our only hope.

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