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IPOB's Supreme Leader

By Greatson Chinaka

This article comes from a Writer who shows lack of understanding of the plights of the agitators and what propels them. He could not prove to me that Ndigbo are not regularly slaughtered in the country in spite of all these achievements of the Igboman in Nigeria he enumerated.

Security is the overall interest of every successful engineering. Are Igbos secured in the contraption called Nigeria?  When we cry out, are we heard? Are we attended to? Are we freely given the free hands to exhibit our God's given potentials without being regularly intimidated and asked to leave our bases?  And how long are we going to keep on complaining?

Tell this Writer, DR. Nicky Okoye to come home.

Nnamdi Kanu was not just given a microphone and he started preaching hate messages. This is the most irresponsible and uncharitable statement any right thinking Igbo would make against Kanu.

Hate messages have been going on against Ndigbo in many Northern based Radio stations without the government doing anything about them. Or does he not know? Hate messages don't come from Ndigbo. Igbos only react to hate messages against them.

For the umpteenth time, an Igbo scholar would refer to Mazi Kanu as "that boy" just because he is doing what they could not dare even with all their years in academics. Is this envy or jealousy?

Nnamdi Kanu only raised in us a consciousness we never knew in the past. Nnamdi Kanu reawakened us to the original reality and pride of the Igboman which is that we are Princes and Princesses.

We are sons and daughters of kings and not slaves. Nnamdi Kanu is reminding us that ukwu na-ama ogodo adighi mma igba uto.

Yes, the Writer may have x-rayed and brought out all he considered achievements of Ndigbo in Nigeria the past 50 years, is he saying that these are enough; shall we then relax and stop aspiring to go to the moon?

But we can't be allowed to get to the moon in this country. For the Igbo to generate electrical power to run its area, he has to hook it up to a "National grid". For a so - called Federal Road to be fixed, clearances must come from Abuja. For a Port, whether air, sea or land, a certain Port Authority must approve and if in Igbo land must be frustrated. For fund to run your industries, CBN must get approval from one mallam in a villa to issue you forex. Innoson motors from Nnewi is a living example today.

It's not enough for DR. Nicky Okoye to stay overseas and come home to convene the "Nigeria Leadership Summit" just because he has funding and partnership offer from DR. Ngige of Anambra to condemn the activities of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. It is not enough to refer to Mazi Kanu as "a young boy".  Yes,  he is Ezenwata. His likes abound in the bible and in many histories. Every reaction spurns from an action.

What we are saying is that the vision of the Igboman cannot be limited to the whims and caprices of bunch of cow rearers who daily invade our homes and slaughter our people. We have nothing in common with a people whose religion and way of life encourage violence and murder.

We are the children of the Almighty God created in the image of God. We have to be allowed to live with our God. Light and darkness can never cohabit. There is need to have boundaries... And this is what Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has reminded us Ndigbo. Twenty thousand hate writers of Nnamdi Kanu can never kill our vision of a free and great Biafra.

The Author Greatson Chinaka writes for Biafra Today from Dubai, UAE.

Edited by O. E Williams

Published by Mazi Collins



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