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Igbo Quit Notice: Northern Youths Ultimatum; A Victory for Biafra

Biafrans protest on the street against Kanu's illegal detention

By Ken Pat

It is no longer news that a three months ultimatum has been given to Igbos by northern youths, to vacate the north.

Suprisingly, the meeting during which Igbos were asked to leave the North was held at Arewa House.

It is impossible to hold a meeting at the stated venue without the knowledge of the Kaduna State Government.

Thus, the ultimatum was given in conjunction with the forces that be in the government of the north. If so, this stands to oppose all the hypocrisy and discrepancy on the desire for unity as publicly proclaimed by the power-hungry and crude oil-obsessed Hausa/Fulani cabals.

It follows that the agitation for a sovereign state of Biafra and the refusal to live under the authorities of Biafran exploiters have revealed their state of mind.

Nevertheless, the hostility of the North towards Biafrans has been in existence since time immemorial, but the public eviction of Igbos in the region is not just at its peak, but akin to granting Biafra.

To this effect, All Biafrans in the north are advised to heed to the order and leave the north.

The Southeastern governors in reaction to this order have resolved to provide 100 luxurious buses and 200 trucks for evacuating Igbos from the region to Biafra land.

The eviction order on Biafrans is a blessing in disguise, for it brings us way closer to achieving a sovereign state of Biafra, having obtained a solid reason in addition to numerous others on the marginalization meted on Biafrans by Nigeria.

Therefore, let the affected persons stay strong and leave while there's time because at the end victory will be ours.

All hail Biafra!

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