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Igbo Quit Notice: Kanu Saw it Coming, Warned Biafrans Several Times to Return Home

IPOB Supreme Leader Nnamdi Kanu

Northern Youths' Threats, The Prophet Of Our Time, Kanu, Had Warned Our People Severally

When the Biafran leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, ordered the sit-at-home exercise, he said: “observe the sit-at-home order and within four months things will start happening”. Though I believed his words I never knew that the happenings will be so soon.

On 6th June 2017 just a few days ago, Arewa youths issued a quit notice order for Igbos living in the Northern part of Nigeria to vacate the region or face another pogrom implementation.

According to Premium Times “Arewa Consultative Forum, ACYF, a coalition of socio-political groups in northern Nigeria, on Tuesday issued a three months ultimatum for all Igbos in the 19 northern states to vacate the region.

If the Igbos fail to leave by October 1, 2017, the group said, it would use force to evict the Igbos.

The group also threatened to take over all the landed properties of the Igbos after they had left the region.”

Before now, Kanu had asked our people living in the far north to return home and bring their investment back for a day will come when Hausa-Fulani will ask them to leave.

As God may have it, some of our people heeded to the words of wisdom, they brought their investment back home, some built companies in Onitsha, Nnewi, Aba and Emene in Enugu State. While some insisted that Arewa land is their motherland. The trumpet has sounded and the adamant Biafrans in Northern Nigeria is nowhere to be found to tell us how Hausa-Fulani their brothers are telling them to leave.

What's the anger of Arewa youths? Because Biafrans observed a sit-at-home to honour their fallen heroes and heroines.

The sit-at-home was optional but people unanimously obeyed it due to its significance to appreciate the efforts of those who died so that we may live.

During the sit-at-home, nobody was harassed, Hausa-Fulani communities living in Biafra land went about their normal day-to-day routine without molestation or abuse of human rights. Every nooks and cranny of Biafra land experienced a peaceful atmosphere with hundred percent compliance to the sit-at-home clarion call.

Then comes the question, “what could be the trigger of this joint press conference of Northern youths to force Igbos out of the North?”

The answer to the above question is ‘Hatred and Envy’.

 The hatred didn't start today, in 1945, Northerners massacred Igbos in thousands during the first pogrom. In 1966, Northerners murdered Igbos in thousands in a counter-coup bid.

It is very wise to state it clear that whenever a Northerner mentions Igbo, he meant everyone in old Eastern region. Their madness does not separate Ijaw from Igbo to them up North, everybody down East is Igbo.

Some Northern elders and Nigerians have condemned the quit notice, even former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan took to his Facebook page and called for peace to reign between Igbo and Hausa-Fulani.

The same incident happened in 1945 and 1966 pogrom, our people were assured that nothing will happen to them but that was a plot to kill them slowly. Some Easterners ran to Emir’s residents for protection, Emir himself supervised starvation of our brothers and sisters to death.

Do we still remember the rhetoric ‘Nyamiri’? The origin of that term is at Emir’s palace. Our people were hungry and thirsty of water, they told Emir “Nyem mmiri” which means “give me water” in the Igbo language, the Emir, and his murder gangs could only hear “Nyamiri”. I'll be happy if younger people know how ‘Nyamiri’ came into existence.

History is a teacher, we can't fold our hands and watch our people face another pogrom, we need to be proactive and not reactive.

Sources have it that South East governors have plans to mobilize 100 trailers and 200 buses to bring our people back home, the tempo should be sustained because times are different. Ohaneze shouldn't be a weakling for asking Eastern governors to wait, the reparations should start as soon as possible.

Going by what happened in sunrise daily of channels television this morning where Yakubu justified the position of Arewa youths, it's very clear even to the dumbest fellow that Northerners used their youths to state categorically what is in their minds.

Yakubu said that “eviction order from Northern youths is the response to the sit-at-home order given by IPOB to the Biafrans”. He also arrogantly said that “Biafrans aren't supposed to remember those who died during the war”. Does anyone still ask who ordered Igbos to leave? The youths have blessings of their elders.

Nigeria is a contraption that has never served the interest of the masses, rather the elites and British Empire.

Since inception of the Lugardian factory, Nigeria, it has been "death death death", "sorrow sorrow sorrow" and "agony agony agony". And curse shall befall anyone who insists on the forced entity called Nigeria to remain one.

The laziness of the Northern youths has bred envy, this envy has begotten hatred and hatred have led to bitterness. Our people say, “when a child fetches bigger firewood, the other children will attribute that firewood to have been gotten from the evil forest”. Igbos have invested in all over the world, including Ghana, South Africa, Ivory Coast, USA and Nigerian case wouldn't be an exception.

We encourage our people to return home first, ECOWAS will take care of their investment and none shall be lost. It's a promise we can boast of, none of our brothers' investment will be stolen.

More events are yet to unfold, Kanu has said it all, whoever has ear let him hear. We'll gladly share our food, eat it with peace than to lose our people up north.

We wish to keep international communities on notice to follow events as it unfolds, such threat isn't going to be handled with kids gloves because the last time we tried it in 1945 and 1966 our people paid with their blood.

The Nigerian government hasn't tamed Bokoharam ravaging the North let alone stop children whose parents have sent on a killing mission.

Bokoharam sacked Bornu people yesterday without much resistance from the Nigerian government, so what would be the fate of Igbos when mad youths start their blood orgy?

We also heard this morning from Daily post that they've retraced their steps back and started calling for useless ‘One Nigeria’; in 48 laws of power, a book from Robert Green, we call it "smoke screen". They want to conceal their intentions and plan very well to give our people a surprise attack.

Biafrans living in Northern Nigeria, return home!

A word is enough for the wise. “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”.

written by Chinedu Solomon
Edited by O.E. Williams
Published by Mazi Collins
For IPOB Writers
Twitter: @ipob_writers



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