Thursday, June 8, 2017. 21:30GMT
Fellow Biafrans, Be Ready To Defend Yourselves - Asari Dokubo Urges All Biafrans

Former Niger Delta freedom fighter, Alhaji Asari Dokubu has reacted to the sack of Igbos from the North, urging all “Biafran people” in the north to defend themselves in case any attack from the Northern youths.

Recall that the call for Igbos to vacate the northern region was made by some sections of northern youths during the week, and has generated reactions from prominent individuals and groups all over the country.

Although an unconfirmed report said that those that made the call have retracted,  the ex-militant leader noted that every Biafran, who according to him, comprise of the Ijaw, Ogonis, Oron, and Ibibios must not lie down and die when attacked.

Asari noted that Igbo people do not invade people’s lands, nor take their properties and wondered why the call to evict them should be made. Moreover, there has never been any arrest made by the Govt of Nigeria concerning these people whereas the DSS has been molesting Biafrans every day.

“My brothers and Sisters, fellow Biafrans, our struggle is for independence. Let me say this to Biafran People, our struggle is not to take from any other people. We have not travelled to the North, Lagos, Ibadan to take from any other people.

“They are the ones who have been taken from us. In our entire struggle for the actualization of the Independent State of Biafra, we have not invaded other people’s land. We have always reacted strength to strength.

“We have the right to defend our lives; we have the rights to defend our properties and we have the right to defend the motherland. In the defence of the motherland, we have made some great sacrifices.

“For me, the Biafra struggle is not limited to one of the nationalities in the Biafran land. It is the struggle of the Ibibios, the Ogonis, Oron, the Ijaws, and all the Biafran people. It is our collective struggle and collective destiny. Our resources are being wasted.

“Our resources is not even used to develop any part of this so-called Nigerian state. Where is Nigeria developed? Can you compare any part of Nigeria to Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, or Pretoria? Or Cairo or Alexandra? The only way we can get control our resources is the independent of the Biafra state.”



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